This Calendar System Is a Total Marriage Saver, According to a CEO Who Swears by It

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Busy moms across the universe can attest: The juggle is real. But it’s made a lot more complicated by the lack of an iron-clad scheduling system that prioritizes not just organization but communication. (Anyone else struggle with always—always—being on the same page as their spouse when it comes to where they’re supposed to be and when?)

Enter this genius system from the CEO of Hill House Home: As a mom of one in a household where both parents work full-time, Nell Diamond swears by this technique for keeping her and her husband accountable to—and one step ahead of—their calendar. Here, she talks us through it so we can replicate the concept stat.

Spill. What’s the system? In a nutshell, Diamond and her husband have set up a plan where anytime they’re doing something that falls outside of regular work hours, they send each other a calendar invite for it—whether the other person is invited or not. The goal of the invite is visibility, but also to serve as a reminder of future plans. (For the record, they use their Google calendar for this.)

What’s an example appointment? According to Diamond, it could be anything from her husband’s work trip to Washington, D.C., where he’ll be out of town for a couple of days, to the fact that she has dinner with friends or a work event that takes place after business hours.

Why this works: If he accepts the invite (or vice versa), Diamond says it serves as an acknowledgment of the plan as well as a confirmation that it works with his schedule too.

And if there’s ever a moment where they double book? If the plans are unchangeable, that’s what sitters are for. “I have a really amazing built-in backup plan: My parents live nearby. There have definitely been quite a few occasions where I’ve totally miss-scheduled something and forgotten that both my husband and I will be at a late meeting until 7:30 or something.” Diamond’s calendar system to the rescue, again. “I often send my mom calendar invites for babysitting after work hours,” she says. “If I see the invite in my calendar and that she’s accepted, I know I’ve confirmed with her.”

Schedule #goals.

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