How the Former CEO of Goop and Alexander Wang Avoids the Sunday Scaries

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Courtesy of Lisa Gersh

We’re partnering with The Second Shift, a company that connects businesses with a network of women experts-for-hire, to ask successful women to spill on the nitty-gritty secrets to their success.

Proof: Even big deal CEOs—like Lisa Gersh, who used to help run the show at brands ranging from Goop to Alexander Wang—get the Sunday Scaries. (You know, that jittery feeling at the end of a weekend when you know you’re waking up to a jam-packed workweek.) Here, Gersh shares her Sunday evening routine for warding them off.

Her Sunday Approach: “I think of Sunday night as my re-entry night. Since life is a marathon, not a sprint, I like to shut down as much as possible on the weekend. Of course, we all check email, texts, etc. during the weekend, but if the matter isn’t urgent, I try to put off substantive responses until Sunday night.”

How She Organizes and Prioritizes: “My Sunday night is spent: 1) Reviewing my schedule for the week and ensuring that the meetings that matter are all there (and confirmed) and the ones that do not are removed. 2) Making a list of what I need to accomplish for the week and ensuring that it aligns with my annual goals. 3) Reviewing my work-out windows and ensuring that [my workouts] are varied and full. This way, when my alarm rings on Monday, I feel like I have my road map and—while it is likely to get derailed from time to time—it allows me to feel two steps ahead at the beginning of the week.”

The Final Step in Her Sunday Night Routine: “I try to get through all my organizing before 9 p.m. so that I can unwind, watch my favorite HBO show of the month and get a good night’s sleep. That’s also super key to a good week.”

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