11 Backyard Privacy Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Accepting packages, lending flour in a pinch, indulging you in a local goss sesh: Your next-door neighbors are great for lots of things. One thing they’re not so great for? Creeping on your outdoor relaxation time. If more privacy is on your wish list, we’ve got 11 clever backyard privacy ideas for ya. 

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1. Upgrade Flimsy Fencing

First things first: Enclose your entertaining areas with tall fencing (time to finally replace that grungy chain link, lady). We love a slatted privacy fence in a light hue, which creates intimacy without inducing claustrophobia. (See how to build one here.)  

2. Add Layered Plantings

Plenty of plantings are the absolute easiest way to pump up privacy. If you’re working with a large garden, consider planting in berms (or soil elevations). Working with a deck or patio? Simply layer in container plants of various sizes at different eye levels for extra (and extra-pretty) obstruction.

3. Utilize Vines And Trellises

Romantic in look and practical in form, trellis woodwork covered in creeping vines is one of the most attractive ways to create a privacy screen. Look to a trellis in a freestanding planter for a versatile, movable neighbor barrier.


4. Plant A Wall Of Evergreens

A row of tall, low-maintenance evergreen shrubs (like Arborvitae) is a fabulously green fencing alternative that will only get better with age and time.



5. Add Umbrellas

Don't want the Joneses peeping on your cocktail party conversations from their second-story windows? Position stylish outdoor umbrellas strategically over your seating areas.

6. Invest In A Pergola

There’s a reason the pergola is so darn popular: It provides amazing shade, comfort and privacy, all while maintaining an open-air feel and looking like a million bucks. (Especially over an outdoor dining area, it’s an uber worthy splurge.)


7. Consider Curtains

From a style standpoint, hanging curtains along the sides of a pergola, porch or custom corner looks super elegant and high-end. But the real benefit lies in closing them on the neighbors when necessary.


8. Create A Green Screen With Hanging Plants

Bald patch of yard? Stagger pots or hanging baskets on steel rods for a happy wall of green. (Psst, suspended plants are also a great solution for porch privacy.)

9. Add Latticework To Problem Areas

Timeless latticework panels are a great privacy solution. Consider adding a lattice screen to the neighbor-facing side of a porch, or perhaps even adding a panel atop your too-low fence (to better obstruct the neighbor’s view.)


10. Plant Established Trees Along Your Property Line

Make your yard feel downright park-like by planting trees just a few feet from your enclosure fence. (A lush look with double the privacy.)


11. And Don’t Forget White Noise

Visuals aren’t the only garden privacy component, guys. White noise sources like a fountain, a brook or even rustling ornamental grasses can muffle noisy neighbor sounds and complete your oasis.  


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