What 7 PureWow Editors *Really* Wish They Got for the Holidays

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Our sugar cookie high is just wearing off, which means we made it through another holiday season and also got every gift our heart desired—well, sort of. Look, we’re not being greedy or ungrateful, but we really wanted to see those noise-canceling headphones or fancy leather gloves under the tree rather than another pair of socks and a basic candle. Here, seven PureWow editors weigh in on the gifts they wish they’d received this holiday season.

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apple watch

1. Apple Watch Series 5, 40mm

“I guess my ‘I really want an Apple Watch, but that’s a little pricey’ hint was taken too literally...but it’s fine.” —Katherine G., associate food editor

cashmere lined gloves
Saks Fifth Avenue

2. Leather Gloves

“I was lucky enough to be gifted some really thoughtful things over the holidays—my fiancé had a bunch of pictures from our travels framed and my soon-to-be sister-in-law got me a gift card for a super luxe pre-wedding manicure. To be honest, though, I really wanted a new pair of gloves. I dropped major ‘look at how red and freezing my little icicle fingers are’ hints to *legit* everyone and was even asked what color (caramel) and material (leather) I was looking for. Luckily for me, my birthday is in February. We’ll see if my phalanges make it until then.” —Ariel S., lifestyle editor

leather wallet

3. Leather Card Holder

“I got everything I wanted this year, but I secretly wish deep down I had told someone I actually needed a new leather wallet/card holder. Mine is falling apart at the seams, and I guess I was just hoping someone would notice or read my mind (lol) that I needed a new one.” —Roberta F., branded content editor


4. Noise-canceling Headphones

“An open floor plan means our office can get loud, so I was looking forward to having a pair of noise-canceling headphones at my desk for when I need to focus in and tune out. Unfortunately, my mom thought the pair I asked for might not work well enough, so she didn’t get them. I know she means well, but now I’ll probably just end up buying them for myself (sigh).” —Kara C., assistant commerce editor

$110 at Amazon


5. Bottega Veneta Textured-leather Tote

“While my dad very generously got me a Saint Laurent belt bag for Hanukkah (that was seriously on sale, BTW!), I simply didn’t have the audacity—or nerve—to ask him for a purse that cost $1,720. So I’ll just keep gazing at this perfect Bottega Veneta bag until I find the funds to make it my own.” —Dena S., fashion editor

sewing kit

6. Sewing Kit

“I’m kicking myself for not requesting a new, fully stocked sewing basket. I swear all of my buttons fell off on January 1st.” —Jillian Q., SVP of content

hand soap

7. Aesop Hand Soap

“I should have asked for another bottle of fancy hand soap. My holiday guests tore through mine, and I can’t justify dropping $39 on another bottle, no matter how much delightful mandarin rind is in it.” —Lindsay C., editor at large

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