Where to Buy Christmas Trees in NYC (Without Spending a Million Bucks)

Christmas is the season of giving, family togetherness, and freezing your butt off in a poorly lit parking lot, unsuccessfully trying to haggle the price of a Fraser fir (ugh, we’re the worst hagglers) and ending up with a $300 lopsided tree that was supposed to be seven feet tall, but is actually five feet with a long, spindly stick at the top. Not this year. Here’s where to buy Christmas Trees in NYC that look great and don’t cost a million dollars. (Just go early and remember to tip, OK?)

The Definitive Best Time to Buy a Christmas Tree This Year

1. Tree Riders NYC

Best for the Environment

We’re used to doling out our whole paycheck for a Christmas tree in New York, so we were pleasantly surprised by the reasonably priced trees at this East Village institution. But the real perk is these guys deliver anywhere in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn…by bike. No carbon footprint, no tying the tree to the roof, no dragging it back to your apartment. They’ll even come back to pick it up once you’re ready to toss it and mulch it for you.

131 E. 10th St., New York, NY; 646-470-6326 or

Where to Buy Christmas Trees in NYC Old First Nursery School
Old First Nursery School

2. Old First Nursery School

Trees that Give Back

Want a tree that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? 100 percent of the proceeds from the Christmas trees sold at this Park Slope stand benefit Old First Nursery School, the oldest cooperative preschool in New York City. Pre-order a tree online, then stop by to enter an exclusive raffle with more than $2,000 in prizes, including tickets to Wicked on Broadway.

729 Carroll St. Brooklyn, NY; 347-460-6367 or

Where to Buy Christmas Trees in NYC Urban Garden Center
Urban Garden Center

3. Urban Garden Center

Where the Pros Go

Calling all plant ladies: If you’re still getting your planters and soil at a big-box store, Urban Garden Center is about to blow your minds. Tucked under the elevated train tracks on Park Ave. in East Harlem, this urban oasis is where all the urban gardening experts go. Pick up a quality Christmas tree and toss in some kiln-dried firewood for added cheer. Best of all? Urban Garden Center delivers throughout the tri-state area.

1640 Park Ave., New York, NY; 646-872-3991 or

4. Fairview Tree Farm

Best Place for a Field Trip

Got a car and the day off? Take a pilgrimage to the vast woodlands of Connecticut, where you’ll be greeted with hot chocolate, horse-drawn hayrides and goats! There are thousands of trees available from 6 to 13 feet tall at this quaint, family-owned tree farm less than two hours from NYC.

2 Sawmill City Rd. Shelton, CT; 203-944-9090 or

Where to Buy Christmas Trees in NYC Solvang Tree Farm
Solvang Tree Farm

5. Solvang Tree Farm

Best Place to Cut Your Own Tree

If you’re handy with a hacksaw (we’re jealous), drive up north to Poughkeepsie to try your hand at cutting your own tree. The farm only grows spruce trees (blue, white, Norway and Engelman), but any tree you cut down is $75, regardless of size. For those of us who aren’t natural lumberjacks or would like another variety of tree, fresh-cut Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir and Concolor Fir trees are also available.

80 Bedell Rd., Poughkeepsie, NY; 845-743-0224 or

Where to Buy Christmas Trees in NYC Whole Foods
Noam Galai/Getty Images

6. Whole Foods

Most Convenient

You won’t get to wander through a lush evergreen forest (or even a whole aisle) to search for the best tree at the high-end grocery chain, but most Whole Foods locations in the city have at least a small display of nice, decently priced Fraser Firs out front that you can nab on your way in to pick up a wheel of Brie. (Fine, two wheels of Brie.)

Multiple locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn;

Where to Buy Christmas Trees in NYC Tree Shop
NYC Tree Shop

7. NYC Tree Shop

Yeah, But I Really Don’t Want to Leave My House

We get it. It’s 22 degrees, your neighborhood is swarming with holiday tourists and you’re so cranky you think you just saw the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come peering through the window. Ordering a tree online has never been easier, thanks to NYC Tree Shop, a New York-based company that delivers and installs the tree for you. Just a few clicks and you can move on to the 500 other things on your to-do list (or, let’s be real, watching Hallmark movies).

Online only;

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