Laundry Stripping Is the Summer Trend We Totally Didn’t See Coming

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There’s no denying that we owe social media (such as Instagram, Twitter and TikTok) for teaching us some of the most useful life-hacks we’ve ever seen. Especially, during this lockdown.

And now, we’ve been introduced to the latest TikTok trend—laundry stripping. Also known as strip washing, the increasingly popular cleaning method has become a go-to for many who are seeking to revive laundry (we’re looking at you stained-and-no-longer-crisp linens).

But what exactly is laundry stripping? And how does it work? We’re breaking down everything you need to know about this “new,” aesthetically pleasing cleaning trend.

What is Laundry stripping?

Essentially, it’s a method of washing that aims to strip (get it?) detergent and other residues left by fabric softener, minerals and body oils that have accumulated over time. The method is usually performed by simply soaking the laundry in hot water and cleaning solution in a bathtub and takes a few hours to complete.

What has really caught the attention on social media is the murky brown water that laundry stripping leaves behind.

How do you do it?

All you really need is detergent, borax and sodium carbonate. Start by washing your laundry as you usually would. Fill a bathtub (you can also opt to use a large bucket or even a washing machine that opens from above) with hot water and a mixture of the three ingredients we mentioned. Once dissolved, add your laundry (wet or dry) and let it soak for up to four hours. Finally, run the load through another cycle (water only) in the machine and voilá.

What should you strip wash?

While strip washing is common for things like linens and towels, it's not recommended for everything. For example, when performed on clothing, the method has often caused bright colors to run.

If you do decide to try it, just make sure you document it for the rest of the world to see.

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