What is Wainscott Paneling? And, Could It Add Value to Your Home?

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We love farmhouse style for its character and casual charm—and even more so after we learned this. According to a new survey from, a handful of traditional farmhouse style mascots can actually help you sell your home for well above asking price. One of the most accessible? Wainscott paneling. 

After combing through millions of real estate listings, the data insights team at found that homes with this kind of character feature in their listing sold for 26 percent above expected value. 

If you need some context: Wainscott is a finishing panel that was applied to the lower parts of interior walls to prevent air filtration back in the days before legit insulation. But nowadays? It's used for decorative purposes and options range from shmancy coffered effect to casual beadboard, all of which you can buy in ready-to-go panels at your local hardware store. DIY-savvy? Give it a whirl. Not-so DIY-savvy? Hire a handyman. For a small room, material costs hover around $100! 

Talk about a smart investment.

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