What Makes Property Value Increase? Here's 10 Farmhouse Features That Are Proven to Help

We love farmhouse style for its character and casual charm. But we wanted to know, what makes property value increase and can any of these charming additions help? According to a new survey from, a handful of farmhouse mascots can actually help you sell your home for well above asking price. (Like, 25 percent above asking or more!) We cherry-picked ten approachable reno projects that deliver on fresh style and—apparently—major ROI.

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1. Claw-foot tubs (+29 percent)

We know, we would have guessed a soaker tub, too—but apparently the elegance of an old-school claw foot can literally make a sale.

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2. Farmhouse sinks (+26 percent)

Porcelain, apron-front sinks are a splurge kitchen choice for sure—but apparently they pay you back big-time in the long run.

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3. Exposed beams (+26 percent)

Paging Joanna: Warm, rustic wooden beams and rafters are still a highly prized architectural feature.

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4. Wainscott (+26 percent)

Simple wood wall cladding adds tons of character, and it doesn’t cost much to implement. (An easy win, if you ask us!)

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5. Pergola (+25 percent)

Elevated outdoor entertaining spaces are hugely covetable, of course. But today’s home buyer seems to be asking: What’s a patio without a shady pergola to define it?

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6. Mudroom (+24 percent)

This function-first room has become an absolute necessity for young families.

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7. Quartz (+23 percent)

Hard-wearing, low maintenance and less expensive than most options, quartz counters are the new gold standard in kitchen design.

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8. Shaker cabinets (+23 percent)

Aka beveled cabinet fronts that bring to mind kitchens of yore. (But like, make it 2019 with chic hardware and soft close everything.)

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9. Hardwoods (+22 percent)

Talk about an investment that appreciates: True hardwood flooring only gets better with age and never go out of style.

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10. Picket Fence (+21 percent)

The American dream sells houses, baby.

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