This Viral Transformer Table Can Be Used As A Desk, Entryway Credenza And Dinner Table for 12 Thanks to Expandable Panels

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When we think of larger furniture staples like desks, entryway tables and dining sets, we can't help but worry about where to put them. (Depending on how big they are, these pieces can take up a lot of space!) Having spent many years living in tight quarters, we know a functional and compact design when we see one—which brings us to our latest discovery from Transformer. Ever since the expandable Transformer table went viral on Instagram after a user showed how it morphs from being a side table to a dining table in mere minutes, shoppers have been placing their orders left and right (us included).

Though it costs a pretty penny ($2,299 to be exact), we see it as buying a desk, entryway table and dining table all at once. Other than that, there are a few additional reasons why we're willing to foot the bill.

Here's Why We Love the Transformer Table In a Nutshell

  • Thanks to its five-panel multifunctional design, you can easily break it down into a desk (as small as 18 inches) or expand it into a dining table (as long as ten feet) to fit up to 12 people which also makes it great for small spaces
  • It's constructed from high-quality water-repellant solid wood that's easy to care for (the brand recommends using a lint-free dampened cloth with a wood cleaner) and it holds up to 750 pounds
  • It comes pre-assembled and has a lifetime warranty

Wait, Where Do You Store Panels for the Transformer Table?

If you don't have space to keep the dining table set up, you can break it down into an entryway table for the time being. Transformer says the 20 x 38 x 2 inch panels (which interlock) just need to be laid flat to store wherever you have space. The brand also has a coffee table with a storage unit just for the panels if you're interested. If you go with this option for an additional $699, you can simply slide the unused panels into the coffee table, which is made from the same long-lasting and durable solid wood.

How Much Does the Transformer Table Cost?

The 6-in-1 table on its own costs $2,299, but if you want the accompanying extendable bench (which fits up to six people), it costs $799. You also have the option to buy them in a set starting at $2,749 (originally $3,098) for a limited time. The sets also come with the coffee table we mentioned, so you won't have to find a place to store panels when they're not being used.

One reviewer thinks the table is worth every penny: "We no longer need a giant dining room table most of the time. The decorative side table fits perfectly, but the ability to have a sit-down dinner for 12+ for holidays is fantastic. It assembles/disassembles in five min but is very sturdy. The bench is accommodating to a tall man. [And the] delivery was in under a week."

It sounds like a worthy investment to us, especially since we're not having to buy desks, coffee tables and dining sets separately.

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