Um, Urban Outfitters Is Secretly the Best Place to Buy a Coffee Table Online

Urban Outfitters: Great for teens, college kids and man-children looking for ironic band shirts. Right? Wrong. As it turns out, UO secretly has one of the most exciting furniture selections on the market. Case in point: These amazing and affordable end tables.

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urban oufitters mikko coffee table
Urban Outfitters

1. Mikko Coffee Table

Basket woven rattan and two tiers of surface space make this bohemian table especially space-saving.

urban outfitters alina storage ottoman
Urban Outfitters

2. Alina Storage Ottoman

Use this ottoman to store blankets, pillows or even your kids’ toys to keep the room clutter-free.

urban outfitters iveta abolina for deny la jardin noir iii coffee table
Urban Outfitters

3. Iveta Abolina For Deny La Jardin Noir Iii Coffee Table

Why not turn your coffee table into an art installation? This statement piece was made in the USA by a collective of talented artists, so it is in fact museum-worthy. The best part: Each purchase supports art communities around the world.

urban outfitters naya pop up coffee table
Urban Outfitters

4. Naya Pop-up Coffee Table

The mid-century modern style looks unassuming until you unhinge the top and reveal a massive storage space.

urban outfitters daliah coffee table
Urban Outfitters

5. Daliah Coffee Table

If you just can’t choose between a coffee table that conceals clutter and displays your most prized books, this is the one for you. Two bottom drawers are extra spacious for tucking junk or extra throw blankets away, while the glass top displays your favorite knickknacks.

urban outfitters maeve woven coffee table
Urban Outfitters

6. Maeve Woven Coffee Table

Two tiers of basket-woven rattan are better than one.

urban outfitters alper outdoor coffee table
Urban Outfitters

7. Alper Outdoor Coffee Table

Because your backyard should feel like a chic and welcoming extension of the living room.

urban outfitters marta barragan camarasa for deny autumnal nature coffee table
Urban Outfitters

8. Marta Barragan Camarasa For Deny Autumnal Nature Coffee Table

Standing at just 19 by 19 inches, this pint-sized table is the perfect solution for small spaces.

urban outfitters rooney coffee table
Urban Outfitters

9. Rooney Coffee Table

Industrial and minimalist at the same time, this statement fixture adds urban flare to living rooms, studios and bedrooms without feeling too clunky.

urban outfitters sylvia nesting coffee table set
Urban Outfitters

10. Sylvia Nesting Coffee Table Set

Use them separately or nest them together—this duo creates a custom look that can be switched up at the drop of a hat.

urban outfitters ramona coffee table
Urban Outfitters

11. Ramona Coffee Table

Its low profile is perfect for those close-to-the-ground couches that you want to melt into. The satiny powder-coated metal and open-side design look sophisticated—not serious—sitting atop a plush shag rug.

urban outfitters dexter coffee table
Urban Outfitters

12. Dexter Coffee Table

Sturdy rubber and poplar woods ensure this mid-century-inspired coffee table can handle anything the kids (or pets) throw at it.


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