Here’s Why Tuft & Needle’s Mint Hybrid Turned Us into Mattress-in-Box Believers

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A Chicago-area couple in their 30s tested the T&F Mint Hybrid Mattress for three months and shared their review with us. Here's what they said.

When we moved into our new home, we decided it was time to upgrade from a queen to a king-size mattress. This my husband and I could agree on. But everything else was a negotiation. For one, my husband was VERY suspicious of any mattress that came in a box. In fact, he swore he would never get one. Then there's our preferences. I like a softer-cushioned mattress, my husband prefers one that is very firm. And then, of course, there's the cost. I tend to think less about it while my husband loses sleep over pennies. So, even though it came in a box, based on price and firmness, the Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid mattress ($2,095; $1,676), seemed like a good compromise for us.

What’s the Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid Anyway?

The Mint Hybrid uses both foam and springs. It's made with a combination of T&N Adaptive® foam and high-quality pocketed springs—aka the best of both worlds. The Mint Hybrid also now features a 2-inch layer of Micro Diamond Memory Foam, to reduce motion transfer, and a removable, washable cover. According to the brand, these factors make the mattress their most supportive, breathable and best-for-co-sleeping mattress.

How We Tested the Mattress

We definitely wanted to let the mattress fully expand since it can take up to two weeks for it to spread out after being smooshed in a box. So my husband and I slept on the mattress for three months in the peak of summer. That way, we could let fully unwind and also see if the cooling factor lived up to the test.

A couple on a mattress with an overlay "92/100" score

Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid Review

Tuft & Needle

  • Value: 18 /20
  • Quality: 18/20
  • Comfort, Cooling & Support: 18/20
  • Motion Control: 20/20
  • Good Nights’ Sleep:  18/20

TOTAL: 92/100

Delivery and Unboxing

Delivery was easy! We received lots of tracking info, and it came on time. My husband was able to move the package into the house by himself, but he needed a second person to bring it upstairs. The box does warn that you'll need two people to bring it upstairs—so it's definitely not ideal if you live alone in a four-story walkup.

Once it was up the stairs, it was relatively easy to get it out of the box, but once again, moving it to a different spot in the room (we couldn't make up our minds where we wanted it) definitely took two people. All of this was totally expected of a box mattress, but, it did make us reminisce fondly about when our Saavta mattress delivery, where they came and set it up and also took away our old mattress.

Another thing: The mattress takes two weeks to fully expand and become its best self. And while I think this is common for mattresses that come in box, for the first two weeks it's kind of weird of sleep on since it's not at its full firmness and size.

A king size mattress in a bed frame no covers

Cooling, Support and Pressure

Our upstairs floor gets hot during summer, so we definitely put the Mint Hybrid to the test—and I think it lives up to it! We never feel overheated.

The support and pressure is excellent for me. My husband still prefers a firmer mattress. But as a 35-year-old nurse who's lugging around a 40-lb. 2-year-old when I'm not at work, my back always hurts, and I feel very much at peace and not in pain while in the bed. I was previously sleeping on some pretty terrible mattresses, and you can definitely tell the difference in the support and pressure.

Sharing and Motion Control

Sharing the bed is great! I move around A LOT in my sleep. Like...a LOT. And my husband said he doesn't feel me moving around at night anymore, and I definitely don't feel him. This is a HUGE perk, and while I miss rolling into my husband all night long and what it did for our marriage, sometimes it's nice to be on opposite sides of the bed not touching and not even knowing the other person is there and maybe that's much better for our marriage?!

King size mattress in a bed frame with a white sheet

We love this mattress, and think it's a really great for the price point and for coming in a box! My husband, who, as I mentioned was leery of mattresses in a box, hasn't complained once about it. In fact, he wanted to buy a bed frame for it right away instead of using our old mattress (a queen) with the bed frame we already had, and, trust me, this says a lot.

The only drawbacks were the delivery (I wish there was an option for a delivery person to bring it to your bedroom for you) and waiting the two weeks for the mattress to unfold to its full potential.

Extra perk: My family of four loves hanging in this bed, even if we wish they'd go to their own beds most of the time...

  • Cons: requires two people to lift in box up stairs and move when unpacked, takes two weeks to fully expand
  • Pros: great value, cooling, motion control, removable washable cover
  • Who It’s Best For: hot sleepers, people with back pain, couples with different sleep needs
  • Size: King
  • Material: 3” of T&N Adaptive® foam infused with cooling gel and heat-conducting graphite, 2” of T&N Adaptive foam with ceramic and cooling gel, 6.5” foam foundation and a machine-washable knit cover
  • Delivery: ships free in a conveniently-sized box directly to your doorstep in 2 to 5 business days. Shipping fees apply to Hawaii and Alaska. California Residents are eligible for free removal of your old mattress.
  • Return Policy: 100-Night Sleep Trial, a hassle-free return process and 10-year warranty


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