The One TikTok Hack That Adds Value to Your Home, According to a Designer

Mopping our floors with laundry detergent. Flipping a standard IKEA armchair into a highly-sought after boucle beauty. Bringing cottagecore into our lives. There’s no question that TikTok is a treasure trove of great ideas for upgrading and decorating our homes. But when it comes to DIY, we don’t just want the end result to look beautiful—we want it to earn us top dollar when we’re ready to sell. And according to designer Maragret Costello, there’s one TikTok trend in particular that can boost your list price.

So, what’s the TikTok hack that promises to deliver on major ROI? Painting your fixtures. Per the expert, it’s a simple and budget-friendly way to upgrade your home that translates into more $$$ when you’re ready to sell. Specifically, these three areas below are the ones to focus on.

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Painting Your Floors

Costello is 100 percent on board with this trend that has racked up over 94 million views on the social media platform. “If it is a wood floor, I also like the look of when it has a little wear.” She suggested getting creative and choosing a pattern or a stripe (similar to what user @royalrunwayready has done in the video above). “This will add value to your home especially if it is in a light color and it makes the space seem larger and brighter.” Psst: You can also paint sisal rugs, the designer tells us.

Painting Your Countertops

FYI: Kitchens and primary bathrooms are the number one places to invest in your home in order to increase the value, says Costello. But what to do if you’re stuck with cheapo laminate countertops that look yucky and dated (and you don’t want to spend thousands installing marble)? You paint, says the expert. “Paint the countertop and save your money for when you are ready to invest in your dream kitchen.” Here, @serenaajoyce uses the Giani Marble Countertop Paint Kit with a three-step application process to create a very authentic-looking faux marble countertop for less than $200. (Also, how soothing would it be to create those fake marble cracks?)

Painting Your Bathroom Sink And Bathtub

The hashtag #paintedtub has 6.4 million views on TikTok and after watching the video above from @nannerdanner, it’s not hard to see why—she transforms her dingy tub into something glossy and shiny for less than $100. Costello has painted bathtubs herself and tells us that the results can last at least a couple of years, depending on how often it is used. But, she cautions that DIYers should make sure that they use the right products and do their research beforehand—when done improperly, painting could damage the sink or tub. “If done properly and in a neutral color (I would recommend white), this will definitely add value to your home,” says Costello.


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