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Sure, you know all about the Roomba, aka that genius robot that vacuums your entire house while you put your feet up on the couch. Well, this just in: The creator of the Roomba just unveiled a new—and similar—gadget for gardens that’s a game changer, whether you have a green thumb…or not.

Meet Tertill, a solar-powered and waterproof device designed to stop garden weeds in their tracks.

It works like this: Set your Tertill out in a sunny spot in your garden to power up. Once charged, it gets to slicing weeds with its spinning nylon string (yep, it’s chemical-free).

Worried about weeds growing back? Tertill continues cutting down the pesky plants until its energy reserve runs out. It also only removes growth shorter than an inch, which means anything taller (like your daylilies and tulips) is safe.

And if you have teeny tiny plants, Tertill provides “plant collars”—basically sturdy wire—to put around them so the device knows to stay away. (You can watch a video demo here to see it in action...and fall in love with the adorable bot.)

One caveat: Right now, the gardening gadget is only on Kickstarter, but the project has more than achieved its fundraising goal, so a launch date should be listed soon.

Your most annoying gardening problem = solved.

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