The One Thing You Can Do Tonight to Make Your Home More Relaxing

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By now, you're probably aware of the link between screen time and stress. (See: This extensive list of studies on the subject, if not.) Nevertheless, there's not a room in our home that doesn't have a laptop, iPad or Amazon Echo nearby. 

Therefore, no matter the size of your dwelling, you should designate one space to stow your devices away and out of site. What will you do instead you ask? Perhaps dig into a great book? Have an enrapturing conversation on dinosaurs? Journal?! The options are endless. (Psst, we have a genius way to hide your TV if you want to go the extra zen mile.)

And you don't need a mansion to get the job done: In this small yet serene living room by Homepolish's Tenecia Harris, a mini office area of carved out by the window, complete with a drawer for stowing electronics, serves as a way of separating tech and work from, ya know, living. 

Time to rethink your layouts, friends: A more calming home awaits. 

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