10 Clever Ways to Make Your TV Less Hideous

We wouldn’t trade our Netflix nights for anything—not even a picture-perfect home. But isn’t there a way to make our TV look like…erm...less of a vacuous black hole? Surely. We sourced the web for ten stylish ways to camouflage your hardest-working electronic.

How to Make Your Staircase the Prettiest Place In the Entire House

Paint Your Tv Wall A Dark Hue

A dark-toned paint job will cause a flat-screen to visually recede. 

Install Sliding Barn Doors Over A Media Center

Gorgeous passageway or clever electronics disguise? It’s hard to say.

Install A Pull-down Map Above It

For vintage charm and a seamlessly easy cover up.

Install Framed Art Sliders

This chic DIY (which relies on drawer sliders mounted to the wall) only costs $30. 

armoire tv solution
Chatfield Court

Tuck It Inside An Armoire

An oldie but a goodie: Stuff her inside an armoire and call it a day.  

Create A Folding Screen With Art Prints

Hinge frames together so that they fold like a shutter.

Or Do The Same With Oversize Canvases

Large unit? Hinge together rectangular canvases instead (bonus points for covering them in Gracie wallpaper).

Hang A Tonal Gallery Wall Behind It

Incorporating your TV into a wall covered with black boxes will make it have less of a sore thumb effect visually. 

Hang A Large Canvas Over It

Step 1) Find a large, lightweight piece of art. Step 2) Tack L-shaped brackets to the top of it. Step 3) Pop over the TV when it's not in use. Voilà.

Splurge On This Ridonk Tv

We’d be remiss not to mention The Frame here: aka the world’s “most beautiful TV,” which can be programmed with art and auto-adjusts its brightness to look natural.

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