11 Southern Decor Trends That Are Primed to Go Mainstream

White couches, y'all

Remember how relaxed you felt when you stayed at that gorgeous Savannah bed-and-breakfast? You can bring that calm, country vibe home with you, even if you live in Maine. Here are 11 decor ideas we’re totally stealing from our friends below the Mason-Dixon Line. If you need us, we’ll be in the pergola watering the magnolias.

Magnolia Wreaths

Nope, they’re not just for the holidays. Spring and summer wreaths are totally a thing down South.

Plate Walls

Fill blank walls in the dining room with vintage decorative plates…or just buy a bunch of matching ones on sale at Target.

Porches That Look Like Living Rooms

From May through September, we’re living outside 24/7.

White Couches

Yeah, they’re impossible to keep clean. But look how pretty.

Canopy Beds

Come on, you know you’ve been asking for one of these since you were six.

Backyard Pergolas

…And of course, more white curtains.

Pillows With Quotes

And they don’t even have to be ironic.

Floral Wallpaper

In every room of the house, please.

Window Boxes

The bigger the better. Preferably with lots of hanging vines.

Porch Swings

Perfect for sipping sweet tea.

Beautiful Place Settings

...With flowers and linen napkins, even for a casual lunch.

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