9 Easy Ways to Sneak a Little Extra Self-Care into Your Home Decor

Between drinking more water, making it to yoga twice a week and prioritizing your full eight hours of real-deal sleep, you've been doing a great job with this year's self-care push. As for your home? Things could be better. Here are nine little ways to optimize your space for ultimate relaxation.

self care fiddle leaf fig

1. Decorate With Mood-boosting Plants

Like potted lavender, peace lilies or a fiddle leaf fig—all of which provide a visual pick-me-up, cleanse the air and have scientific properties proven to lift our spirits.

self care glade integration
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2. Use Fragrant Candles As Centerpieces

A signature home scent takes any self-care centered room to cozier heights. But instead of tucking candles away only to pull them out for use, choose one in a scent that inspires you to light it regularly and make it a statement piece right in the middle of your coffee table. We love the Glade 3-Wick Candle in Blue Odyssey for a refreshing, watery scent that fills the room with violet and and sparkling citrus every time you light it.

self care himalayan salt lamp
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3. Purify With A Salt Lamp

These trendy lamps made of pink Himalayan salt are believed to cleanse the air of pollutants and balance out positive ions (i.e., the hectic energy given off from our tech devices). And besides, their earthy glow is super soothing on impact.

self care sage smudge
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4. Introduce Sage Smudging

Sage smudging (i.e., burning small bundles of the herb) has been used for centuries as a way to clear bad energy from a home and restore its balance. Plus, they're wonderfully fragrant and look pretty (while yes, sure—a little New Agey) displayed in a bowl.

self care the laundress room spray
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5. Spritz Your Linens With Essential Oils

You know how the smell of freshly laundered sheets is like a soothing balm for your soul? You can capture that feeling every day by treating your bedding with an aromatherapeutic linen mist.

self care happy light bulb
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6. Utilize Light Therapy

Do you wake up before the sun rises? Do you work in a poorly lit office? "Happy lights" mimic natural spectrum daylight and can promote alertness and happiness in any season.

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self care hand soap jo malone1
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7. Wash Your Hands In Fancy Soap

Swap your drugstore pump for a lush bar version that makes you feel pampered—preferably one with an aromatherapeutic fragrance, like basil (a proven mood booster).

self care bose speaker
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8. Invest In Easy-access Speakers

Fact: Music is an emotional instant pick-me-up. Invest in something portable, functional and attractive, so you can easily enjoy your favorite album (or podcast) whether you're cooking, lounging or doing yard work.

self care blanket
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9. Buy The Softest Throw Blanket You Can Find

Cozy = happy. It isn't rocket science, guys.


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