10 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into a Rustic Country Oasis

Charming, rustic and wonderfully free of pretension: There’s a reason country interiors have such timeless appeal. Don’t live on an actual farm (le sigh)? There are still easy ways to get the look. Now, if you need us, we’ll be escaping to a cozy farmhouse hideaway, if only in our slumber.

9 Things Every Stylish Woman Has In Her Bedroom

country rustic bed 5

Hang Filmy Curtains From A Beam

For maximum airiness and bucolic charm.

Photography: Love Grows Wild

country rustic bed 9

Mix Laid-back Textures On The Bed

Play with a mélange of summery linens, light cottons, grain sack and crocheted accents.

Photography: Zio & Sons

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Use A Beat-up Stool As A Side Table

And top with wildflowers to master the French country house look.

Photography: Lynzy & Co.

country rustic bed 2

Paint Antique Furniture In Shabby-chic White

Then distress it (just a touch) for good measure.

Photography: Vintage Whites Market

country rustic bed 3

Add A Simple Bench To The Foot Of The Bed

A perfect perch for treasured tomes and garden blooms.

Photography: Jeanne Oliver

country rustic bed 8

Mix Warm Woods With Patinaed Metals

For a rustic meets refined blend of elements.

Photography: In the Fields

country rustic bed 1

Bring Weathered Outdoor Furniture In

And use as a home for blooms, baskets, linens and accessories (or a combination of all four.)

Photography: Dreamy Whites

country rustic bed 110

Decorate With Informal China Accents

Go ahead, scour the flea market for alllllll the Staffordshire pottery.

Photography: Farmhouse On Boone

country rustic bed 7

Clad A Wall In Beadboard

For instant warmth, texture and cozy cottage vibes.

Photography: Ella Claire Inspired

country rustic bed 6

Expose Old Rafters

Or fake ’em with reclaimed wood. (No judgments.)

Photography: Front & Main

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