9 Bedroom Decor Accessories All Stylish Woman Should Have

That lady. You know the one. The fortunate freak of nature who heads out every day impeccably dressed, groomed and rested, like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. Sure, you might loathe her a little, but admit it: You also want to know her secrets. Here, nine bedroom decor accessories she definitely has!


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Euro Pillows And Shams

You won’t find a lone stack of lumpy pillows on a stylish bed. In addition to standard-sized sleeping pillows, incorporate a set of regal oversized euro pillows, as well as a small lumbar or bolster accent pillow (or three) for extra comfort and visual interest.

A Vanity Tray

A simple decorative tray marries beauty and function when it comes to storing perfume, favorite jewels and choice objets d’art. Curated vignettes are a trademark of chic interiors, and in the bedroom they work best atop dressers, vanities and bedside tables.

Fresh Blooms

A room is never complete without something living in it. Three cheers for beautiful finishing touches.

Accessories As Decor

Ladies of good taste know that prized handbags, jewels and the like don’t belong hidden away. Accent your boudoir with a lovely accessory (think slinging your favorite shoulder bag over a door or mirror, leaving out a prized pair of heels or laying several pairs of sunglasses on your dresser top.)

A Luxurious Throw

Blame the French: Every truly stylish boudoir has a super-soft, oversize throw strewn across the bed. The epitome of casual elegance, this laid-back styling trick just begs to be curled up in.

An Accent Chair

Or space allowing, two of them. Whether your taste is more modernist slipper chair or retro rattan swing, be sure to designate a petite nook for a seating area.

bedroom decor accessories uniform hangers

Uniform Hangers

Be gone, hideous metal dry cleaner hangers! The stylish set knows that the secret to maintaining an orderly, edited wardrobe (and properly cared for garments) are slim, matching, no-slip hangers.

An Elevated Hamper

Speaking of clothing, you won't find stylish ladies tossing worn garments in a plastic basket. When it comes to laundry solutions, think both discreet and attractive—like a lidded bamboo basket or an otherwise deliberate decor element such as these black-and-white woven storage bins.

Reading Material

Smart is, after all, always in style (and sleep-detracting screens in the bedroom are decidedly not).

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