There Actually *Is* a Right Way to Put a Toilet Paper Roll on

We know which way our pillowcases should face, why tomatoes shouldn’t go in the fridge and how to wash our bra in a salad spinner. We’re basically home hack experts…that is, until we noticed *somebody* had been putting the toilet paper on the holder a different way than we were used to. Dun dun dun!

So, what’s the “right” way to put toilet paper roll on?

The correct way to hang toilet paper is apparently with the loose end flapping over the top.

Isn’t that just personal preference, though?

Sure, but if you’re a germophobe, you’ll probably want to listen up. Turns out, numerous studies indicate this way decreases germ exposure in your bathroom.

How does that work out?

According to Inc. magazine, the “over” way prevents dirty hands from touching more of the TP roll than necessary by reaching underneath it (or accidentally grazing the wall). That translates to less gross contact from hands to surfaces.

Now, off to alert the culprit of our own “Roll-Gate.”

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