The 2 Mistakes You're Probably Making When You Make the Bed

The more you know!

You're an adult woman. You make your bed at least five out of seven mornings a week. (What? Mondays are hard!) But are you guilty of these two super-common errors when you do it?

Mistake 1: The Pillow Openings Are Facing The Wrong Way

If you've got matching pillowcases, you're already a winner in our book. But if you want your bed to look extra professional, you should really make sure the openings are facing inward and toward each other. That way, you don't run the risk of somebody accidentally seeing the naked pillows themselves. (The shame!)

Mistake 2: The Top Sheet Is On Wrong

Think the "good" side of the top sheet should face upward, toward the ceiling? Think again. You should actually lay the good side facedown on the bed, so that when you fold it over the duvet, the pretty non-seam edge is showing. It’s also way softer on your arms and legs as you snuggle in at night.

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