5 Home Renovation Trends That Will Be Huge in 2018

Looking to update, overhaul or otherwise reenvision your home in the new year? Quick: Before you grab your sledgehammer, read up on these five majorly swoon-worthy home renovation trends—all of which you can expect to see in abundance in the months ahead.

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A Return To Formal Dining Rooms

Hear that? That’s the sound of folks across the country chanting “save the walls!” After an HGTV-fueled open concept revolution over the past decade, in 2018 we can expect to see at least a partial return to more traditional layouts. Nantucket-based contractor Edward O’Brien tells us the pendulum is indeed swinging back in favor of dividing walls, with new clients requesting formal dining rooms away from the kitchen prep. 

Above, a dreamy formal dining room by Marie Flanigan Interiors affords the opportunity to go bold with wallpaper.

zellig tile reno trend
Cle Tiles

Zellige Tiles For Kitchen And Bath

We’ve been spotting these gorgeous tiles across the projects of our favorite designers for months now—but only just learned what to call them. Zellige (ze-lih-guh) tiles are basically the Moroccan, terra-cotta version of subway tiles. Earthy, organic and perfectly imperfect, they’re super in line with the hygge and Wabi Sabi aesthetics that are all the rage right now.

Above, a neutral, globally inspired bathroom outfitted in Cle Zellige tiles.

home renovation trend 2018 728
Consort Design

Blackout Kitchens

Black, of course, never goes out of style. But over the past year, it’s been enjoying an undeniable takeover in hardware, appliances, you name it. The latest evolution: All black kitchens (think black uppers, lowers and backsplashes). Moody? Yes. Edgy and dramatic? You betcha.

Above, a sleek, matte black kitchen at the Consort Design-outfitted Revolve Social Club Showroom.

Bold Millwork Features

A natural extension of the modern farmhouse trend, rustic wood elements will take things one step further in the new year—infusing homes with a little extra history and character. Think: Plastering around an original wood timber, leaving chunks of shiplap exposed or bringing oversize posts and beams into a modern setting.

Above, a reclaimed wood accent wall adds warm texture to a bedroom in the Jersey Ice Cream Co.-designed Lokal Hotel.

Natural Pools

On the ups for years now, these pond/pool hybrids are filled with plant life and monitored with low-fuss, highly sophisticated filtration systems. Inexpensive and eco-friendly, they perfectly balance the romantic, naturalist garden trend with the ease of modern luxury. Chlorine? So passé, guys.

Above, an enchanting natural swimming pool designed by Woodhouse Natural Pools.


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