Step Inside Our Chic New Podcast Studio

We’ve got some exciting things happening over here at Gallery Media Group—not the least of which is a host of uh.mazing new podcasts. The problem? Our brand-new, state-of-the-art recording space was a wire-strewn, windowless and very gray box as of a few months ago. It needed a capital "M" makeover.

With dual uses (a stylish podcast studio and a comfortable commercial mixing lounge), the room required an exceptionally considered plan of attack. So we tapped online design service Decorist, who then partnered with Bed Bath & Beyond to donate product and enlisted Portland-based Max Humphrey (one of their celebrity interior designers) to bring it to life. 

Granted we may be a bit biased here, but we think it’s the best-looking podcast studio ever. See for yourself.

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podcast studio makeoverbefore
Courtesy of Max Humphrey


Holy drabness. And did we mention that due to the room’s intricate acoustic configurations, we couldn’t change the walls, flooring, ceiling or lighting? To make this utilitarian space sing from a design view, Max really had his work cut out for him.

purewow floorplan
Courtesy of Max Humphrey


After scoping the space, Max came up with the idea to break the room into two separate zones. At the back would be a work area for the mixing board and audio technicians. Upon entry would be a sectioned-off lounge area with comfortable seating for six hosts/guests/clients, a coffee table and a media center. Aesthetics-wise, we landed on a clean, mid-century-tinged vibe that simultaneously catered to its location: A converted industrial warehouse in Long Island City, Queens.

podcast studio makeover3
Photo: Reid Rolls; Styling: Max Humphrey


First thing first: We needed to conceal those eyesores (see: electronics; mixing board). The tough part? The solution had to be non-invasive and easy to remove as needed. Max cleverly designed a rolling partition wall on casters with coffered-effect paneling—and we hired local design build company ATH Studios to fabricate and paint a soft, creamy blue (Good Jeans by Clare).

podcast studio makeover5
Photo: Reid Rolls; Styling: Max Humphrey


Since the studio is home to a handful of podcasts, it was important that the space read gender neutral—and that we had the option to customize setup for each one. For that reason, Max curated several suites of pillows to play with (animal prints, plaids, tribals, neutrals, ikats, etc.), which can be changed up from podcast to podcast for a fresh look.

podcast studio makeover 1
Photo: Reid Rolls; Styling: Max Humphrey


While the three soundproof walls couldn’t be altered, the control room-facing wall was thankfully fair game. Hygge & West’s subtly geometric Palma wallpaper provided a nuanced pop of pattern—and tied together the calming blues of the soft goods and partition wall.

podcast studio makeover7
Photo: Reid Rolls; Styling: Max Humphrey


To neatly stash away recording equipment when not in use (see: mics, stands, wires, etc.), Max selected this sleek, mid-century-inspired credenza to sit beneath the flat screen, and provide a surface for some for fun tchotchke moments. (Yup, it’s Bed Bath & Beyond, people. Can you believe it?)

podcast studio makeover6
Photo: Reid Rolls; Styling: Max Humphrey


Ahhh. Like a cool drink of water, no? With a clever layout, a few creative fixes and a handful of truly ace furnishings, this room is now a fully functional—and fully fabulous—space to build our podcast empire.

podcast studio makeover2
Photo: Reid Rolls; Styling: Max Humphreys


Design services: Max Humphrey for Decorist
Product: Bed Bath & Beyond
Custom Wall: ATH Studios
Paint: Clare
Wallpaper: Hygge & West
Artwork: Minted
Install: Thumbtack


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