PureWow Editors Are Spilling Their Favorite Purchases of 2022, and They’re *Good*

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We’ve bought a lot, and we mean a lot, of stuff this year. From home reno favorites to new fashion staples we can’t stop wearing, PureWow editors are here to share our favorite purchases from 2022 that we will 100 percent be using for many years to come.

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Why We Love It: Great for sensitive skin, helps strengthen skin barrier

Commerce editor Olivia Dubyak loves this new skincare system from EltaMD, especially as it gets colder and dryer outside. “I’ve been through an emotional rollercoaster with my skin this past year when I stopped taking birth control, and while Tretinoin has been a godsend for my skin tone and managing acne, this EltaMD set has saved my skin barrier from its drying effects,” she says. “Since Tretinoin is so potent and I have sensitive skin, this keeps my face feeling hydrated and healthy.” The set comes with a toner, serum and moisturizer.

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Oura Ring

2. Oura Ring Gen3

Oura Ring

Why We Love It: Predicts upcoming periods based on body temperature, sleek design

The Oura Ring is a popular purchase in 2022 and we can see why. The smart gadget uses sensors to analyze sleep, heart rate, temperature and more. Sales and deals editor Destinee Scott can’t say enough good things about hers. “I've only had it for two months or so, and it's quickly changed the way I view my health and wellness,” she says. “Within the first few weeks, it showed me that I had a pattern of getting little to no sleep on weekends and (from, well, brunching and partying) which made me reassess how I'm affected when I put myself in certain situations and surround myself with certain individuals.” And since it is comfy to wear, she doesn’t even mind wearing it to sleep in.

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Why We Love It: Supportive arch, high traction sole

This version of Hokas was designed to be lightweight and offer more traction for trail running or hiking. “I was surprised at how roomy and comfy the footbeds were on these, but also how much they stabilized my feet when I hike or run on different terrains,” says senior editor Dana Dickey. She was skeptical of the bold color but ended up loving them regardless. They come in three colorways (blue/orange, purple and pink/orange/purple) and are available in full and half sizes.

Why We Love It: Different color options, removes contaminants from shower water

If you struggle with hard water or just notice your color-treated hair looking dry and dull even though you’re using the best products, you may want to try this filtered shower head. Managing editor Catrina Yohay confirms that it really does work. “It’s easy to install, fits any aesthetic and, most importantly, it actually works. I love it so much and have seen a noticeable difference in my hair’s texture and shine after using it for just a few weeks,” she says.

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Why We Love It: Comfortable fit, versatile to style

“These really are the best flats I’ve ever owned. They’re super comfortable (the cushioned footbed is like a cloud, even on cobbled stones). And they elevate my jeans-and-a-sweater outfit every time,” says associate editor Marissa Wu. If that doesn’t sell you on them, the fact that she has three pairs and has dubbed them the most comfortable and stylish flats she’s ever worn, should do the trick.

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Why We Love It: Doesn’t leave a white cast, SPF 45

If there’s one thing we don’t mess around with, it’s sun protection. assistant editor Stephanie Meraz says this SPF is a total winner. “This serum is the best formula I’ve come across. It doesn’t pill (bleh), blends in smoothly and leaves no white cast like a lot of other products,” she raves.

higher does
Higher Dose

Why We Love It: Incredibly relaxing, improves circulation

No need to sit in the gym sauna with sweaty strangers when you can lie down in this sleeping bag in the comforts of your own home. It heats up to give you a killer sweat so you can relax. Even though it’s a bit of a splurge, senior editor Sarah Stiefvater says it’s worth every penny. “Whenever I’m feeling particularly anxious (or not—this baby is good for any and all moods), it’s incredibly soothing to slip on an eye mask, pop in my AirPods, and lie motionless for 45 minutes while I reset,” she says. OK, we’re 100 percent sold.

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Why We Love It: Deeply moisturizing, detangles knots and controls frizz

A solid deep conditioner is key for healthy, hydrated locks. This one is made for curly and coily hair to maintain frizz, keep curls intact and tackle dryness. Editor Chelsea Candelario absolutely loves its formula, “I’m obsessed with haircare and I take my deep conditioner collection very seriously. This one has been wonderful on my curls,” she says.

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Why We Love It: Steams while it cooks, four bread settings

Executive editor Candace Davison shares that she uses this toaster for everything. “It restores rock-hard bagels to (nearly) day-of freshness and makes crisp pizza, too. My oven’s never been more jealous,” she jokes. Pour in some water and set your settings for whatever food you’re heating up. It also has four bread settings to make sure your baked goods are nice and fresh for you to munch on.

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Why We Love It: Celeb-adored, supportive footbed

These strappy sandals have been worn by stylish celebrities like Mary-Kate Olsen, and that was enough to influence fashion editor Abby Hepworth to add to cart. “I’ve loved Teva for hiking and outdoor shoes, but MK made these sandals look so impossibly chic. At first, I assumed they had to be some high-end designer brand, but luckily they’re just $40 and they’re supportive and comfortable,” she says. You can easily slip them on and off and the elastic straps are adjustable.

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Why We Love It: Multiple pockets, customizable

You can have your initials stitched onto the front of this bag and choose the size you want. The site also offers other strap add-ons and color options. Commerce director Nicole Briese says it’s become her new everyday bag. “I throw my keys in the bottom zip pocket, slip my phone in the back so I can pull it out easily and the larger zip pocket has four credit card slots that are actually big enough for your cards,” she says.

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Why We Love It: Convection oven modes, sleek design

From its sleek design to the fact that it can do way more than just microwave, this has become editor-in-chief Jillian Quint’s most prized possession of 2022. “This is the nicest microwave I’ve ever owned. In addition to microwaving, it has broil and convection oven settings and a ton of room, meaning we can use it as a second oven during the holidays,” she says. It also has 11 different power settings and is made of sleek black stainless steel.

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