These 9 Products *Actually* Get Rid of Mosquitoes (and Their Relentlessly Itchy Bites)

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Mosquitoes are an unfortunate fact of life in the summertime. And after years of trying (and failing) to stave them off with bug sprays, home remedies and even heavy-duty repeller machines, we were at a loss. So this summer we decided to poll our coworkers to find out what (if anything?!) has worked for them. Here, nine products that *actually* get rid of mosquitoes. You’re welcome.

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1. pang Wangle Insect Shield High Waist Leggings

“When we first wrote about these leggings, I thought they had to be too good to be true,” says executive editor Candace Davison. “But after a day spent outdoors, even hours next to a kiddie pool (aka a mosquito-attracting vat of still water), my legs remained bite-free. Can they make full-body jumpsuits next?” According to the brand, the secret lies in the fact that the leggings are treated with the repellent Permethrin, so they keep mosquitoes, ticks, ants and even no-see-ums away. And lasts for 70 washes.

Effectiveness: 9.5/10

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2. dynatrap Dt1260 ⅓ Acre

Brand strategy manager Carly Krauser just bought this bug trapper a few days ago, but she’s already confident that it’s a winner. “It trapped so many bugs in one night,” she explained. Mosquitoes and other bugs are attracted to the device’s CO2 trail, then become trapped within its powerful fan. Just keep in mind that the brand says you need to give it about five weeks to notice a true decrease in your yard’s mosquito population.

Effectiveness: 9/10

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3. coughlan’s Mosquito Netting

Director of audience development Sally Harrod has a genius solution for ensuring that mosquitoes don’t sneak in through her AC unit: She tapes mosquito netting across the openings. Just cut out pieces to your desired size, then tape them over the vents. It’s definitely a two-person job to get everything lined up properly, Harrod says.

Effectiveness: 9/10

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4. cutter Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent

We’ve never seen great success with bug sprays, but Davison swears this one is different. “As I tested countless diffusers for a recent story, my mom kept complimenting one scent—this insect repellent. I'd been looking for a DEET-free bug spray that my toddler could use, but the crisp lemongrass scent wound up being an added bonus. You need to reapply it a little more often than every six hours, as the bottle suggests, to truly keep mosquitoes away, but it worked just as well as DEET sprays for me,” she says.

Effectiveness: 8.5/10

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5. mapogiant Ultrasonic Pest Repeller (6 Pack)

Fashion director Dena Silver has a friend who’s so passionate about this pest repeller that we had to include it. “We never have bugs flying through the windows when they’re open, thanks to these things,” she says. Keep in mind that this friend lives in a 44th-floor apartment, so she may encounter fewer bugs than the average person would, but she’s confident that she can actually see bugs being repelled. Apparently, it releases ultrasonic vibrations to keep mosquitoes and other pests away.

Effectiveness: 8/10

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6. toloco Indoor Mosquito Trapper

Herrod is a fan of this indoor mosquito trapper for any stragglers that somehow manage to make it into her apartment. In fact, she went so far as to call it one of the most useful purchases she’s made on Amazon. The machine’s UV light attracts mosquitoes, then its fan sucks them in, trapping them on its sticky paper. This model comes with 10 paper replacements, too, so you’re set for the rest of the summer.

Effectiveness: 8/10

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7. thermacell Cambridge Mosquito Repellent Patio Shield Lantern

In addition to the Cutter Insect Repellent, Davison relies on this lantern to keep mosquitoes at bay at her makeshift outdoor office in Florida. “This lantern works by warming up a repellent that's emitted into the air—there's no scent, and you really don't notice it. It does a solid job keeping mosquitoes away, as long as it isn't too muggy or humid outside. Each repellent mat works for four hours, and the fuel cartridge is good for 12, so the one downside is that you're regularly replacing both. And that can add up, fast,” she explains.

Effectiveness: 7/10

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8. bug Bite Thing Suction Tool

If you’re more interested in eliminating the inevitable bite or two, SVP of content Jillian Quint recommends this natural bite relief tool. “It mostly gets rid of bites, especially if you get to them right away,” she says. The Bug Bite Thing’s suction extracts the saliva and other irritants mosquitoes leave under your skin (ew), so that you’re no longer itchy.

Effectiveness: 6.5/10

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Bed Bath and Beyond

9. skeeter Screen Patio Egg Diffuser

Being from Florida, Davison is well-versed in mosquito repellents. Her fourth recommendation is this mosquito-deterring diffuser. “This matte ceramic egg and its macramé-style hanger look purely decorative, but they're more than a pretty object. Unlike most diffusers, there's hardly a noticeable scent—just a very faint grassy note—but it's a low-maintenance way to keep mosquitoes away. You simply pour a little of the brand's essential oil blend into the egg every two weeks, and that's that,” she says.

Effectiveness: 6.5/10

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