How One PureWow Staffer Built the Most Productive WFH Setup (For Less Than $140)

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The PureWow team is going on week nine of quarantine. While many of us used to relish in the occasional WFH day on the couch—TV softly playing in the background—we've had to seriously upgrade our “office” situation to be a bit more ergonomic and productive for the foreseeable future. VP of growth, Emily Kerr, finally found her ideal setup, including an adjustable desk stand that she found on TikTok. Here's everything she bought to take her dining table to the next level.

10 Cute Office Supplies to Seriously Upgrade Your Work from Home Situation

foam roller

1. Balnna Electric Foam Roller With 4-speed Vibrating

Like many of us, Kerr felts that working from home was completely, as she says, “crippling” her back. While she isn't a doctor, she swears by this hacky fix. “If you own a foam roller, use it as lower back support with your sub-par non-office chair,” she says. “It forces you to sit up straight, and I honestly feel like I have a new body.”Her foam roller vibrates, and, “if you put the vibrations on," she says, "it feels like you're in a massage chair. Win-win.” Excuse us while we add to cart.

led desk lamp

2. Mchatte Led Desk Lamp

One thing's for sure: We've never had so many video calls in our life. And Kerr credits this LED desk lamp with not only lighting her space, but also making her feel more awake. “This is why I suddenly look slightly less dead on Zoom calls, in case you've noticed,” says Kerr. “Seeing as my social life is now all on screen, I thought it was worth the $35 investment.”

adjustable desk
Bed Bath and Beyond

3. Airspace Adjustable Laptop Desk

Another thing we've noticed? Our laptops overheat extremely easily when we rest them on our actual lap. And we've also never sat so much in our entire life. Kerr suggests adding an adjustable computer stand, which has legs that easily unfold into a taller standing desk, to your WFH setup. She got hers off TikTok, of all places.

“Between my DIY back support hack, my new standing desk and this ugly, fold-away desk lamp with five different light settings and a built-in phone charger, I am thriving during WFH all of a sudden,” says Kerr. We have to agree. We're honestly jealous of her ergonomic working situation, so we'll be buying all of these accessories immediately.

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