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They’re romantic, they’re regal and they’re taking over our Insta feed: Friends, acquaint thyself with portieres (the fancy French term for drapes hung over doorways.)

While they look rather lavish (dare we say, extra?), the roots of this treatment is, in fact, très practical: Portieres reached peak popularity in wealthy, Victorian-era homes, where they served as a stylish way to block drafts between rooms (and the outdoors) and retain heat from the fireplace.

We love the softness they add to a room and their opulent, Granny-chic vibes (after all, the Queen herself dabbles in door drapery). The fact that they also lower the heating bill? Well, that has us Googling curtain hardware. Here, our favorite modern interpretations. 

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Craft A Grand Entrance

lce-blue portieres with high-cinched tiebacks add major drama and character (and Cinderella vibes) in this dreamy Suellen Gregory-designed passageway. 

Make An Impromptu Wall

Preppy, striped portieres are used to cordon off living from dining room in this stunning, open-concept space designed by Mark D. Sikes

Add Shade and Privacy

In this serene Anna Carin-designed home, filmy linen portieres curtain a wall of exterior doors while simultaneously adding a dramatic visual to the bathroom approach. 

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