The Most Pet-Friendly Cleaners, Detergents and Wipes

Having a pet (or several) gives a whole new meaning to the word “clean.” Wiping down surfaces, washing blankets and scrubbing windows becomes part of the daily routine. And, as anyone who’s ever looked on the back a of a regular ol’ cleaning product knows, some are hella toxic. To keep your pets (and yourself) healthy and safe, we recommend replacing traditional cleaners with some of the following. 

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dropps pet safe laundry detergent


Dropps is to safe detergents what Halo Top is to ice cream: It’s the future, and we should all get on board. OK, maybe nothing beats two scoops of Rocky Road, but Dropps is legit great. It not only invented the detergent pod we all know and love, but it made it more with more responsible and sustainable ingredients—aka plant-based with no color dye additives. The Environmental Protection Agency named Dropps the 2017 EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year, and it’s PETA-approved (all paws on deck for this one). On top of all this, you can purchase a monthly subscription for as little as $4. Sign. Us. Up.

seventh generation pet safe dish detergent
Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation

This company is also pretty great when it comes to commitment to skin- and pet-safe ingredients. (No testing on animals, either.) Seventh Generation produces hypoallergenic cleaners, made from triple enzymes and plant-based ingredients (which is a theme on this list, BTW). It even provides Kosher products! Honestly, you can’t go wrong with its various detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets or wipes. Seventh Generation also puts all its goodies inside environmentally-friendly packaging. Can they win it Oscar, already?

better life pet safe dryer sheets
Better Life

Better Life Dryer Sheets

Among household products, dryer sheets are known to have more chemicals pumped into them than just about anything else. So if dryer sheets are something you cannot live without, look no further than Better Life. These sheets kill static while being nice to sensitive skin, pets and the environment. Again, no toxins or animal testing here.

pl360 pet safe cleaning wipes

Pl360 Wipes

PL360 is the plant-based, non-toxic alternative to more potent wipes. But that doesn’t mean these babies don’t pull their weight. The formula is strong, which makes them great for sticky messes. But, they’re still totally safe, which makes it great for wiping down pet toys and bowls. PL360 is not only bleach- and ammonia-free, but it also reject sulfates, phosphates and phthalates (because we know you were wondering about phthalates). Bottom line: These wipes will let you sleep at night knowing your kitchen is clean and your pets are healthy.

natures miracle pet wipes

Nature’s Miracle Pet Wipes

Looking for a different kind of wipe? Say, a wipe for your dog after Ralphie’s stepped in his own business? Nature’s Miracle makes wipes specifically for these nasty, inevitable little moments. They’re all-natural and formulated to actually moisturize coats and paws as they clean. Because some dogs and just about every cat are against baths at all costs, these wipes are a great alternative for tinier spills or mishaps that require a quick swipe. They also tackle odors and dander—no offense, Ralphie.

spotaway pet safe glass cleaner

Spotaway Glass Cleaner

For anyone who lets their dog ride (safely) in the car or has a cat who loves to window shop for birds, smudges on the glass are a regular occurrence. SpotAway makes a pet-friendly glass cleaner that is completely free of ammonia and bleach. Its biodegradable formula works wonders on glass, plexiglass, chrome, stainless steel and more. You can buy it in concentrate too, which lasts a long time.

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puracy pet safe multi surface cleaner

Puracy Multi-surface Cleaner

The New York Times called Puracy’s Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner “The Best All-Purpose Cleaner,” and Amazon gave it an Amazon’s Choice badge, so you know there’s something magical about this product. This—you guessed it—plant-based spray was developed by doctors (hello!) to be a natural, gluten-free, non-toxic, vegan, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and cruelty-free formula. Use it on any hard surface for a safe, clean and streak-free home.

ecos pet laundry detergent

Ecos Pet Laundry Detergent

If you’re looking for a detergent specifically to wash your pets’ beds, blankets, leashes or sweaters (jeez, they have more clothes than you!), consider purchasing ECOS Pet Laundry Detergent. Effective in any water temperature, this fragrance- and dye-free detergent was designed with your furry friend in mind. It will thoroughly clean fabrics your pet has spent hours coating in hair and drool, all with a neutral pH level but no harsh chemicals. 

pet simplicity whizz away cleaner
Pet Simplicity

Pet Simplicity Whizz Away

As the name suggests, this spray cleaner is great for stains, odors and accidents. Its natural bio-enzyme formula basically eats up horrible smells and destroys stains without requiring any harsh scrubbing. Use it honestly anywhere—carpets, floors, towels, car seats, runners, cushions—you name it! Since it only needs to air-dry to do its job, keep it in convenient places like the car or the office (if you’re lucky enough to be allowed to bring your pup to work).

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