The 5 Essential Storage Hacks for NYC Apartments

Pack it up, pack it in

Hey, we’re all for decluttering our homes and only holding on to what we really love. But in the average New York apartment, it’s reeeally tough to make it all fit into one closet. Here are five ways to maximize your storage without letting it take over your place. 

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Make Your Suitcase Work Overtime

You probably have one oversized piece of luggage reserved for longer trips that doesn’t get used more than once or twice a year. It’s taking up precious real estate in your closet anyway; why not store your off-season clothes in it? (Leave your go-to carry-on free, though, so you’re not constantly emptying it.)

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Invest In (proper) Under-the-bed Storage

OK, pretty much every New Yorker stashes stuff under the bed, but if it’s haphazardly crammed into, say, old shoe boxes, it’s time to get organized. Storage containers with wheels make for easy access anytime you need something.

Find Double-duty Furniture

If you don’t have at least one multipurpose ottoman or table, you’re missing out on the perfect place to store occasional-use items, like extra towels and linens for guests. (Plus any off-season clothes you can fit in the leftover space.)

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See If Your Building Has Extra Space

There’s probably a bike room or supply closet somewhere in your building. Ask your landlord if you can keep a few boxes down there. (But only if absolutely necessary—don’t use it as an excuse to hoard.)

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When In Doubt, Donate

Spring might be a more obvious time of year to clean out your closet, but anything you haven’t worn all year (plus anything on this list) doesn’t need to last another storage-to-hanger cycle. (You’ll thank us when April rolls around.) 

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