Is the $180 Ninja Thirsti Drink System Really Worth the Hype? We Tested it Out

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Ninja Thirsti Drink Review Take My Money CAT2

If you love flavored and/or carbonated water, you’ve probably heard of the Ninja Thirsti, aka the queen of carbonated water machines. 

Not only does it allow you to mix and match your favorite flavors, but it also lets you select your desired level of fizz (plus, there’s an option for still water if carbonation isn’t quite your thing). 

On a brand-new episode of Take My Money, PureWow content creator (and water connoisseur) Kate Kesselman tests out the viral Ninja Thirsti Drink System ($180) by trying the three different fizz levels with three different refreshing flavor combinations—and she also shows how to use it and put it together. 

So, the question remains: Is the savvy tech gadget really worth the $180 price tag? Check out the video below for the answer.

The episode begins with Kate sharing how much she enjoys having a fizzy drink. “I don’t know about you, but I am a fizzy girl. I love fizzy drinks. I don’t really like normal [and] just plain water. It needs to have flavor, it needs to have some fun,” she says while pointing to the Ninja Thirsti Drink maker. “And this machine [right here] will bring the fun.”

While being the fizzy girlie that she is, Kate went on to share her excitement over being able to try out the viral product firsthand. “I’ve heard so much about it [and] I’ve been wanting to invest in a carbonated water beverage machine. And this might be the one. But let’s see if it’s worth $180.”

Click the video above to hear Kate’s honest review of the Ninja Thirsti Drink System ($180). Keep reading to learn more about the product. 

Ninja Thirsti Drink System CAT
Ninja Kitchen

Ninja Thirsti Drink System

  • Customize your desired fizzy drink with four different functions
  • Create a beverage in one of 20+ flavors and use two flavor strengths, three fizz levels and four desired drink sizes
  • Includes CO2 canister and a wide selection of flavored water drops

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