Psst: Here’s How to Hang Van Goghs and Picassos on Your Wall…for $600

meural digital canvas 728

Art is one of the most price-subjective decor items. On the low end, you’ve got framed posters (college dorm days, anyone?). On the high end, you’ve got the bajillion dollar world of auction houses and art galleries. As for the middle ground? That space can be hard to navigate—and even harder to commit to in $$$. 

Fun news, art novices: An NY-based company (recently acquired by Netgear) is changing that applying the same concept of digitizing books for Kindle to the artwork you hang on your wall. Whoa. Meet Meural, the digital, rotating art canvas you can hang on your wall.

Here’s the deal: Meural is a 20-inch by 30-inch digital screen (yes, like a TV) that’s matte, ultra high-resolution and adjusted for brightness to look like a true piece of art and bring each brushstroke to life. You can upload your own imagery of choice, purchase pieces from Meural à la carte or subscribe to its gallery of 30,000 plus notable artworks. The gallery’s inventory spans everything from classic works by Chagall and Monet to National Geographic’s photo archives to up-and-coming contemporary artists.

As for how to work the thing? Through the corresponding app of course—which you can use to power on and flip through your “artwork playlist” to suit your changing moods. It’s also Alexa-enabled, and gesture control capabilities let you change the art on view...with the swipe of your hand. 


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