Cursed by a Dark Room? *This* Type of Wallpaper Is Your New Best Friend

OK, so we all know the age-old trick of using mirrors to make a room feel bigger and brighter. But there’s another unsung—and equally reflective—design hero that deserves some credit.

We recently stumbled upon a copy of Joanna Thornhill’s brilliant new book, My Bedroom Is an Office: And Other Interior Design Dilemmas, and found a particularly, well, illuminating passage on decorating a dark home. Her pretty and practical solution? Metallic wallpaper.

“With its reflective properties…[metallic] wallpaper helps the light move throughout the space,” Thornhill writes. “Use [it] to bounce around the light you do have.”

Fear not: This doesn’t mean trimming your room in wallpaper that looks like aluminum foil. Rather, there are actually tons of gorgeous papers that include subtle, tasteful metallic patterning.

Pin-spired by the tip-off, we rounded up a handful of stylish options to consider for your own space.  

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Courtesy of Wayfair


We love the subtle wave and cloud motifs in this soothing wall treatment.

York Wallcoverings ($1/square foot)

metallic wallpaper wall
Courtesy of Wayfair


Say it with us now: Luminous.  

Mercer41 ($1/square foot)

metallic wallpaper wall 2
Courtesy of Wayfair


A little bit shabby-chic, a little bit chinoiserie-chic.

House of Hampton ($1/square foot)

metallic wallpaper wall 3
Courtesy of Wayfair


How swoony is this gold foil-meets-palm frond situation?   

Bay Isle Home ($2/square foot)

metallic wallpaper wall 4
Courtesy of Wayfair


Minimalist metallic lines FTW. 

Graham & Brown ($1/square foot)


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