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Raise your hand if you’re an avid entertainer cursed with a modest floor plan. Le sigh. Don’t despair, though. Peppering in additional seating is fairly foolproof once you know some tricks. Here are eight to consider before your next gathering.

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Tuck Stools Beneath A Console

Task #1: Search for potential storage spots hiding in plain sight. The space beneath a hallway console table makes a striking frame for a set of chinoiserie garden stools.

Add Low-Profile Chairs in Front of A Fireplace

We know what you’re thinking, but petite club chairs in a soft hue can actually help define your mantle, rather than distract from it. (Psst: This setup also works beneath a television set.)

Use an Oversize Ottoman As Your Coffee Table

An oldie but a goodie: When the coffee table in your seating area is soft and upholstered itself (preferably in a stunning vintage textile), you’ll always have multiple comfy spots to offer to company.

Flank Your Coffee Table With a Stylish Stool (or Two)

A sculptural stool resting alongside a coffee table reads equal parts objet d’art and overflow seating.

Fake a Window Seat

Don’t let the white space beneath your windows go unused. Fill it with a freestanding bench (in lieu of installing a pricey built-in window seat). Bonus: You can move it around as you like.

Use Garden Stools As Your Accent Tables

If you’re looking for double-duty pieces, keep sturdy stools in mind. Quiet night in? Hi, perfect resting spot for your glass of Pinot. Guests en route? The chicest of perches in a pinch.

Slide Stools or Cushions Underneath a Coffee Table

A pair of glam flokati-upholstered stools look right at home under a Lucite piece. But this is a welcome reminder that the clearance space under any coffee table can always be utilized. (Bring on the floor pillows!)

Use a Low Bench As a Room Divider

OK, you’ve got an open floor plan (congrats!), but you want to keep it that way. Look for a bench with a slim footprint and airy silhouette to delineate between the vignettes without cluttering it up.

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