What I Love About My Kitchen

There’s a reason why kitchens are few of the most popular images on Pinterest: they elicit some serious voyeurism. More often than not, kitchens are tailored to the individual--their tastes and daily routine--which in turn makes everyone a little bit curious as to what type of lives these people actually lead. It’s with this spirit in mind that we’ve reached out to five of our very own editors to find out what they love about this unique space in their home and how they’ve made each one their own.


Dana Dickey, Los Angeles Editor

A Room with a View

“Above all else, I love that my kitchen is flooded with light. There’s a front-facing window that overlooks a vibrant jacaranda tree bursting with pink blossoms, and a big bird-of-paradise with fat leaves that sway in the breeze. The kitchen is a modified open plan, which means I can be part of the activities in the adjoining living room, but also means that my Vitamix can sometimes drown out movie night (whoops).

“A big bonus is the half wall of bookshelves. I don’t have to go searching when I’m trying to remember exactly how much cumin goes into a recipe, and sometimes I even use cooking time as “me” time--I'll pull a novel off the shelves and just thumb through the pages. It’s the only place my family doesn't mind giving me space, because I'm turning out a meal.”

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Her Dogeared Cookbooks

620x431 1

It's All Good

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New World Kitchen

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Sunday Suppers at Lucques


Jillian Quint, Executive Editor

The Quest for Upgraded Appliances

“After six years in the same apartment, my husband and I are moving to a much larger house to fit our growing family. I’m so excited to finally have a nice big kitchen, and I’m seriously crushing on GE Appliances stunning Slate fridge with a Keurig built-in. With another baby coming this fall, we’ve got some early mornings in our future, and the convenience of on-demand coffee is, let’s just say, a lifesaver. (Though I’m still holding out for a dishwasher that can also change diapers...)”

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On Her Wish-List

Connected Refrigerator

The GE Profile Slate Refrigerator with (a built-in!) Keurig® K-Cup® Brewing System connects with their new GE Appliances Kitchen app to help you with things like hot water scheduling and changing your water filter. One less thing to think about.

Double Oven Gas Range

It’s the first thing people notice when they step into the kitchen. Thanks to GE Appliances’ smudge-proof Slate collection, you can guarantee that your trusty double oven and range stay fingerprint-free at all times. (A must for families with members under the age of 4.)


Lauren Gniazdowski, Managing Editor

A Place to Experiment

“I love to cook as much as Oprah loves to eat bread. (I, too, eat bread every day--live your life!) (Hey, a girl’s gotta eat.)

“Sunday evenings, I’ll retreat to the kitchen, put on some tunes and get busy making, say, General Tso’s Cauliflower. (Because there is no better way to round out the weekend.) Other times, I just need to clear my head, so I’ll bake. (Because Hulu is way better with the smell of my mom’s blueberry crumble filling the air.)”

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Her Favorite Recipes

chicken recipe
Erin McDowell

1-Hour Roast Chicken

Some days you want to dress up chicken--say, with a smoky spice rub. Others, you just want to get the bird into the oven and dinner on the table. For the latter, make this recipe for lemon and herb roast chicken, which should leave you with plenty of leftovers.

blueberry crumble pie
Liz Andrew/Erin McDowell

Blueberry Crumble Pie

What to do with all those summer blueberries? Make this blueberry crumble pie, of course. Instead of a traditional crust, use a streusel-like topping to change things up. Slices are best served with ice cream, natch.


Rachel Bowie, Editor

The Newlywed with a Drool-Worthy Registry

“My husband and I just celebrated our wedding in May, and our kitchen is now stuffed to the gills with so many cool (and personal) gifts from all our family and friends. My favorites are our new place settings--the dishes are made by Jars, a French brand we discovered at a restaurant in Paris two years ago. Now we think of that vacation whenever we set our kitchen table or entertain. We also picked up quite a few colorful serving dishes on our honeymoon in Portugal. I have those pretty pinks and blues on display right where I can see them: my kitchen countertops.”

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Shop Her Registry

baking set

Bakeware Set


Wireless Speakers


Wine Carafe

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Hannah Loewentheil, Assistant Editor

The Dream New York City Kitchen

“I recently moved into a new top-floor apartment, and one of my favorite features is the skylight, which extends from the living room and illuminates the kitchen. I had never realized the importance of good lighting when you’re trying to cook. Not only does it make the whole process so much more enjoyable but it also transforms the kitchen into a much warmer and welcoming place. The light-flooded room makes me feel like I’m making dinner in an old-fashioned country house, not in the middle of the concrete jungle that is Manhattan.”

What I Love About My Kitchen via @PureWow

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