Want a Joanna Gaines–Approved Kitchen? Add *These* 2 Focal Points

Say what you want about the woman's love of shiplap, but Joanna Gaines's kitchens have a certain je ne sais quoi to them.

Good (batsh*t) news, folks. After our rigorous Fixer Upper stalking efforts—and a recent confirmatory interview with Gaines—we've unearthed her secret ingredient. Nearly all of her kitchens feature two unmistakable focal points: Twin glamorama pendant lights, strung above the kitchen island.

Sayonara, utility-first lighting: Gaines is all about using a kitchen's electrical sockets to forge a design moment. This "room jewelry" (so to speak) adds visual interest, extra function and, yup, loads of professional polish. Even if you don't have a Texas-size kitchen island (or an island at all for that matter), let this magic note serve as a reminder that kitchen lighting doesn't have to be boring. Swap your ho-hum ceiling-flush number for something fabulous already!