Joanna Gaines’s No. 1 Trick for Choosing Colors in a Kitchen

Design darling Joanna Gaines knows the difference between a good kitchen and a great kitchen. And having breathed new life into dozens (hundreds?) of 'em, she also knows the transformative magic of a paintbrush.

During a recent chat with Gaines, she shared one of her go-to tricks for achieving greatness in a kitchen is in fact as simple as paint choice. For serious wow factor, she swears by a high-contrast color combos (read: mixing and matching your upper, lower and island colors), as opposed to sticking with a monotone cabinetry palette. To keep things timeless rather than trendy, she noted the importance of keeping your color choices classic. (See: the deep green x crisp white combo above.)

Totally easy-to-achieve + totally high-design? We like. 

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