30 Indestructible Cat Toys

Cats have sharp claws and crazy pointy teeth. Not much stands a chance when a feline decides to use all these weapons at once and gets to shredding. Sure, they consider this type of behavior “playful,” but since they’re engaging their hunting and stalking instincts, it’s hard to convince them to cool it in the heat of the moment. If you want your cat toy arsenal (and your armchairs) to remain intact, we recommend investing in several of these indestructible cat toys.

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1. kitty Kong

Kong is known for its timeless red beehive-shaped dog toy, but the company also has an extensive collection of toys made for cats. This Kitty Kong is made with durable natural rubber and features two slots for treats or catnip on either end.

2 chime mouse

2. chime Mouse

This wobbly, mouse-shaped toy is perfect for keeping cats on their toes. It chimes as it wobbles and holds plenty of catnip to keep kitty occupied for a good long while.

Viva Pets ($7)

3. wrangler Scratch Mouse

Normally, we think of toy mice as being tiny. But then we (ahem—the cats) lose them and we buy more before finding them under the couch, in our shoes and hiding in our laundry baskets. This giant mouse is like a life-sized Barbie for cats. Its rope exterior is great for claws and it promotes healthy wrestling exercise.

cat toy

4. purrsuit Whirlwind

The name of this product alone implies lots of movement. This battery-powered ball rolls around, inviting your cat to join in by trailing a fluffy yellow tail behind it. Cats are weird. But they do love chasing fluffy tails. So go with it.

Ebay ($18)

5 nibble bitz ball
Pet Mountain

5. nibble Bitz Ball

Toys made for hiding treats are incredibly beneficial because they provide lots of entertainment and a nice reward at the end, leaving you and your cat happy. This ball is super durable and comes with catnip that slides easily into place for added amusement.

Pet Mountain ($5)

6. glide And Seek

What did we say about chasing furry yellow things? This toy uses magnets to levitate feather gliders, popping them in and out of holes on the top, so your cat can chase and swat to her heart’s content.

7. cat Treat Dispensing Ball

Pretty much anything from the Kong site is going to stand the test of time. Again, these treat dispensers keep your cat moving and don’t let a few scratches slow them down.

8 cat active eight track
Got Pet Supplies

8. cat Active Eight Track

While cats don’t typically overeat, a toy without a treat component is a nice option if your kitty has had too many calories for one day. We like this toy because it’s double the trouble (quadruple if you count the feather dusters).

Got Pet Supplies ($17)

9. bergan Turboscratcher

It’s a best-seller for a reason. It satisfies a lot of cat playtime needs and the center cardboard is easily replaceable. (The cardboard is the only aspect that may not last, as the whole point is to let cats dig their claws into it. Better that than your new sofa.)

10. petstages Tower Of Tracks

What’s cooler than one track with a hard-to-find ball? Three! Cats have a short attention span (welcome to the club, kitties) and this toy will keep them pawing and lurking around it for a long time. It has no-slide pads that keep it from slipping away from your cat, too.

11. 3 Level Interactive Tower

Kitty getting bored? Toss a few extra balls and a funny face on that interactive ring!

12. petstages Wheel Track

Kitty getting bored with three levels?! Get an interactive ring that stands on its side and rolls.

13. cat’s Meow Motorized Wand Toy

This disc is durable (made from polyester) and swings a tiny, equally as durable mouse around its perimeter for your cat to paw and bite. It operates on three speeds and turns off automatically after 30 minutes (you know, because of the attention span thing).

14 smartykat flickerball

14. smartykat Flickerball

SmartyKat toys fulfill lots of important aspects of a cat’s health, including physical exercise and mental stimulation. This toy flickers with light when touched and is made from recycled plastic.

Amazon ($8)

15. petstages Catnip Wiggle Worm

This thing looks powerful enough on its own but wait until you see a cat go after it! It stands up to those claws and teeth without experiencing any damage. Zip some catnip up inside for a more extreme version of playtime.

16. petstages Catnip Oil Infused Cat Jack

Not only will this toy clean your cat’s teeth as she plays, but it won’t break down after tons of biting. The material is super durable (and the shape makes for unpredictable movements, which equals longer play).

17. petstages Catnip Oil Infused Chew Toy

If your cats are still in their kitten phase, this chew toy may be better on their gums and teeth (which will fall out eventually to make room for their adult teeth). Still durable, still catnip-infused, still a smart buy.

18. catit Senses Digger

OK, we admit this toy will probably last a long time because it’s the treats your cat will be chomping down on, not the product itself, but still. Engage kitty’s mind and let her hunt in a tiny space!

19. catit Super Roller Circuit

Since your cat will likely be chasing an elusive ball around this contraption instead of getting her claws and teeth all over it, it’ll hold up well.

20 automatic 360 degree self rotating ball

20. automatic 360 Degree Self-rotating Ball

This (rechargeable) ball provides two hours of entertainment and play, rotating and rolling around, lighting up and enticing your cat with detachable (magnetic!) feathers.

Amazon ($16)

21. petsafe Slimcat Interactive Treat Dispenser

Not only can you adjust this dispenser to accommodate different sized treats and food, you can plop it in the dishwasher between treat times. Hello, convenience!

22. petstages Dental Pretzel

Cats will literally gnaw plaque away by chewing on this toy, which is made with material designed specifically not to unravel. It’s like a giant piece of floss for your feline.

23. arched Cat Brush And Self-groomer

We all know cats love a good grooming sesh, so why not incorporate it into playtime? This toy is made with a carpet base, to dissuade kitty from going after your real carpet.

24. hartz Just For Cats Bizzy Balls

Honestly, sometimes with cats, less is more. These balls each have unique textured surfaces (to increase spontaneity while batting at them) and will last until they disappear under the couch (where you will find them for the next two years).

25. interactive Rotating Hide-and-seek Mouse

Sure, sure, sure, cats love balls they can bat around a track, but what about a “real” mouse? This contraption runs at four different speeds and sends a yellow “mouse” in circles, waiting for your cat to hunt it down. Brilliant.

26. petstages Dental Chew Wheel

Admittedly, the rubber wheel in the center will probably outlast the fabric ties on either end, but this chew toy definitely won’t wear down as kitties go at it day in and day out.

27. yeowww! Catnip Pollack Fish Toy

Made with durable outer fabric (cotton twill) and all-natural inner catnip (100 percent organically grown), this chew toy won’t fall apart any time soon. And it’s good for kitty!

28. catnip Strips

Made from durable nylon, these strips will outlast even the toughest chewer or most avid catnip lover.

29. smartykat Crackle Chute Collapsible Tunnel

Don’t forget: Forts are toys too.

30. sea Grass Cat Scratching Post

When in doubt, get a tall scratching post. These things never fail to garner some cat claw attention.

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