9 Small Cat Breeds That Don’t Grow Over 10 Pounds

Depending on the organization you consult, there are anywhere between 42 and 73 different cat breeds. Some are notable for their big, pointy ears; others for their curlicue fur; a few for their wild coloring. But, the breeds that stay (relatively) small forever are the ones we can’t stop fawning over. These small cat breeds typically don’t exceed ten pounds, but what they lack in stature they make up for in energy and affection. Read on to swoon over their tiny pink noses, itsy-bitsy paws and all around mini vibes.

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singapura small cat breeds
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1. Singapura

Known unofficially as the world’s smallest cat, the Singapura weighs in between four and eight pounds! Even better? They take 15 to 24 months to reach their adult size, so it’ll feel like you have a kitten even longer. Since their ears and eyes tend to look oversized on their teeny little bodies, it’s basically humanly impossible not to give in to their boundless energy. Extroverted and intelligent, Singapuras just want to be included. No complaints here.

cornish rex small cat breeds
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2. Cornish Rex

No offense to these majestic felines, but they do kind of look like the Italian greyhound of cats. Cornish rex cats are super slim with bat-like ears and cheekbones that would make Kate Moss jealous. While they are incredibly thin, it should be noted that the breed standard calls for a muscular body. These aren’t malnourished cats; they’re lithe, athletic animals ready to pounce and play. Also, check out that curly coat!

devon rex small cat breeds
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3. Devon Rex

Ask anyone (who knows their cat breeds) and they’ll tell you the Devon rex is like a pixie; a mystical, fairy-like creature with a mischievous disposition. As adults, these cats weigh between six and nine pounds and have a noticeably small nose and face.

american curl small cat breeds
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4. American Curl

One look at an American Curl cat and you’ll know how it got its name. The ears bend back like someone took a curling iron to them! When the kittens are born their ears look like any old cat’s, but after a few days they almost blossom backward into these cute little folds that look more like bear ears than feline ears. Females range between five and eight pounds, and males between seven and ten pounds when fully grown.

russian blue small cat breeds
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5. Russian Blue

These cats fall on the larger side of our tiny cat list, but they made the cut because of their fine bones and generally narrow shape. Russian blues are prone to obesity because they love their food, but typically fall between seven and 12 pounds when fully grown. Also, look at that gorgeous gray coat and sultry green eyes! These felines have a regal vibe about them and tend to be a bit shy.

small cat breeds toybob
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6. Toybob

Just this year the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) recognized Toybob as an official breed and The International Cat Association (TICA) added Toybobs to their list of Preliminary New Breeds. These kitties are small with stubby, short tails. They originated in Russia and are known for their expressive eyes and gentle disposition. With compact little bodies, they sound like perfect companions for an afternoon nap.

small cat breeds peterbald
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7. Peterbald

The American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) and TICA recognize Peterbald cats as an official breed, while the CFA does not have it listed on its site. This cat can be either totally hairless or have a soft, barely-there coat. Though they are lean, they tend to be very muscular, which makes them heavier than most other cats on our list. Peterbalds love giving and getting affection, so scratch behind their giant ears, why dontcha?

japanese bobtail small cat breeds
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8. Japanese Bobtail

Japanese bobtails are graceful and strong like ballerinas, and the pom-pom style tail only adds to that allure. Super soft and silky, they can be short- or long-haired and weigh anywhere between six and ten pounds as adults. They can get restless, so expect fewer cuddle sessions and more playtime with one of these kitties.

munchkin small cat breeds
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9. Munchkin

Time for a little controversy! The Munchkin cat is characterized by its short legs (think corgis and dachshunds). Some cat enthusiasts think continuing to breed felines with legs this short isn’t kind, while others are totally on board with these short kitties, so be careful if you start a chat with a seasoned cat breeder. Reaching no more than five to nine pounds when fully grown, Munchkins love to run around, though jumping up on furniture or cat towers is likely a no-go for these cuties.

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