IKEA Created 6 Epic Fort Designs You Can Build Using What You Already Have at Home

IKEA just seems to “get” what need as we quarantine. First it was releasing their famous Swedish meatball recipe so we could make them at home. And now, they've released not one, not two...but six (!) illustrated design manuals to bring your living room fort to the next level. In true IKEA form, instructions are very much included. But unlike that Billy Bookcase, there are no compressed wood boards, millions of screws or tiny wrenches to be seen. All you need is what you have—improvisation is very much welcomed. From the Fortress to the Castle, choose your own adventure with these six super fun, nostalgic concepts.

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ikea castle

1. The Castle

A project you can finally take on with all the extra clothes pins you have lying around.

ikea wigwam

2. Wigwam

Fun idea: Tell your kids to gather eight books and bring them into the living room. They'll be more than pleasantly surprised when instead of class, they get this fun construction.

ikea cave

3. Cave

While you watch the news in your favorite reading chair, the kids can be telling ghost stories in their little cave behind you.

ikea camping tent

4. Campingtent

Bring that extra coat rack out of storage for this activity—we're going (indoor) camping.

ikea fortress

5. Fortress

Make sure to bring along some flashlights and comic books for a sleepover in this sturdy structure.

ikea house fort

6. House

For the family who needs a bit more space—ya know, for teddy bears and tea party guests.


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