Stained Glass Chalk Art Is So Cool & It's Shockingly Easy to Create

stained glass chalk art

Who knew that sidewalk chalk would be the hottest commodity since sliced bread? And now that getting creative from our own home is more important than ever, we're upping our artistic game. Flowers and sweet messages? Child's play. Instead, we're impressing the entire neighborhood with our stained glass chalk art that looks like it belongs in Notre-Dame and not just on our driveway.

Our little secret? It's actually really, really easy to do. Adults and kids alike can use this simple technique that wows everyone who walks by. Oh, and if you're in need of chalk, try making your own with eggshells—it's another project that's way more straightforward than you would think. 

How to make stained glass chalk art

What you need:

- Sidewalk chalk

- Painter's tape (Don't have painter's tape? Since you're using it outside and not on your floors or walls, try any tape you have at home!)

- A sidewalk, concrete floor, blacktop, etc. 


- Make your “canvas” by outlining a shape (square, rectangle, triangle, star) with tape.

- Now, criss-cross the tape into a geometric pattern of your choosing—you can go as simple or as complex as you want.

- You've essentially created your own paint-by-numbers, so now it's time to color it in! Use your artistic eye to fill in the spaces between the tape. Want your masterpiece to be monotone? Go for it! Want it to be every color of the rainbow? It's totally up to you. Oh, and don't worry if you get some chalk on the tape. That's totally OK because...

- Now you get to rip all that tape off leaving stark, clean lines between the shapes. Kinda resembles stained glass, huh?

- Sign your work like the artist you are. 

Photos courtesy of @yadeinu (sidewalk art by Batsheva Baslaw) and @teejay52.


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