The Hulken Bag Is the Perfect Gift for All Your City Friends This Holiday Season

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Hulken bag review: A woman wheels a rose gold Hulken bag
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As a fashion editor, I find I am constantly making runs to the post office to ship samples back to their showrooms or clothing to various donation centers. And while I like to think of myself as a fit New Yorker, even I can’t carry six boxes at once—especially if I’m walking ten blocks to get to UPS. Enter: the Hulken bag, my saving grace and unexpected new favorite possession.

What is a Hulken bag, you ask? It’s a highly durable, wheeled bag that makes it infinitely easier to lug all your needs around, whether you’re stocking up at the grocery store or dropping off packages. Some folks even use it to schlep their family’s gear around the airport (especially moms who somehow end up in charge of everyone’s carry-ons). It comes in three sizes—small, which fits roughly one full bag of groceries, medium, which fits two to three bags and large, which can fit between five and six bags. All available sizes come with three handles: one at the front for pulling the bag behind you and two on the sides, so you can carry it over your shoulder. Best of all, the Hulken also folds up to be almost entirely flat, so it’s wonderfully easy to store, even in my tiny NYC apartment.

I received my size large Hulken as a gift a few years ago, and to be honest, I didn’t really think much of it at first. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit and I was suddenly operating a full mailroom from my home that I truly began to appreciate it in all its glory. It fits so much stuff and rolls well over New York’s bumpy sidewalks. The handles also make it easy to lift up and pull over a curb if necessary. I will admit, it is sometimes a bit unwieldy if I am using just the one front-facing handle (which I chalk up to the weight of items inside not being balanced). But in those instances, it’s easy enough to just use the two side handles in conjunction instead. I also suspect this problem would happen far less often with a smaller size.

Still, the large one folds up so nicely for easy transport back from UPS and takes up barely any space in the single closet in my apartment. (I recommend watching the brand’s guide to folding your Hulken to make sure it’s as compact as can be when you’re ready to tuck it away.)

But it’s not just for NYC folks. Senior Editor Dana Dickey, who is based in Los Angeles, CA, owns and loves her Hulken bag as well. “I have the medium size in gold and it’s perfect for when I’m at the supermarket and don’t want to deal with touching or finding a cart, plus I can then just load the whole Hulken into the car hatch when I’m headed home.”

She also has a large bag, which she packs full with a cooler and snacks for long car trips. “What’s so great is that these bags are so lightweight-yet-sturdy. And I appreciate the reinforced handles that say, 'We know you have a lot to haul and we want your grip to be comfy.’ You can also just fold ‘em up and keep in your car so it’s always there when you need to haul stuff around.”

Starting at $70 for the small (which is only available on the brand’s website, while the medium and large can be found at Amazon), Hulken bags aren’t particularly cheap, but they’re built to last. The wheels are made from stainless steel and the materials are incredibly strong and resistant to rips and general wear and tear. And the addition of a fifth wheel in the center of the base helps prevent the bottom from sagging or dragging along the cement. If you break it down by cost-per-use, I think it’s worth the splurge provided you’re using it decently often. I use mine roughly once every ten days or so, and get compliments and questions almost every time I step out the door. And for anyone concerned about that wide open top, Hulken recently introduced a cover (from $35) that slips right on and ensures nothing will come tumbling out as you walk.

Overall, I think it makes a superb gift for anyone you know (yourself included) who frequently lugs around large amounts of stuff. Maybe it’s the monthly trips to the wine store to pick up a new case of vino, maybe it’s beach days with the kiddos or maybe it’s just regular grocery runs, but no matter what, I think they’ll definitely appreciate the help of a chic Hulken tote—even if they aren’t an NYC schlepper.

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