How to Make Bird Food for Your Garden

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Whether you fancy yourself a budding ornithologist or simply a friend to the animals, most of us love the idea of coming home to a garden filled with birds. Yes, they're beautiful creatures that can fly (!!), but they're also wonderfully effective at creating a healthy garden ecosystem.

After all, our feathered friends provide natural insect and pest control, help to pollinate flowers and fruits and even assist with weed control (many types of birdies like to feast on their seeds!).

The question remains: How to procure a garden that draws in the loveliest birds in the neighbs? The answer: Feed them!

We're here to remind you that you don't have to lug home heavy (and often pricy) bags of suet from the hardware store. In fact, making your own bird food is a rather easy and expensive DIY project. (You know, for those days when you're feeling extra Martha Stewart-y.)

Here's what you need: 
- sunflower seeds
- cracked corn
- raisins
- crunchy peanut butter

Here's what you do: 
- Mix equal parts of each ingredient together in a large mixing bowl (we recommend 1/2 cup servings to start) 
- Next, roll the medley into balls (meatball-style)
- Now, pop the balls inside a suet feeder or place on an open platform feeder (you can find these at any pet store)
- Hang your feeder outside
- Enjoy your new friends 

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