How to Kill a Bug Without Touching It

Gross, but important

Look, we love all of earth's wondrous creatures... But what is it about a bug with no fewer than a thousand legs that can turn even the bravest of folks into cowering children? Face it: Bugs are gross, and no matter how clean your house is, they’re probably there. Here’s the best (least ew) way to deal with them.

What you need: An aerosol can of hairspray.

What you do: Spray the bug with the aerosol can to slow it down, then sweep it up and dispose.

What it does: Spraying from an accurate and powerful aerosol can slow the creepy crawler down so you can deal with it without worrying that it’s going to scurry away only to return again--with a vengeance.

Killing bugs, de-static-ing tights and ensuring our ’do is always on point: Is there anything hairspray can’t do? 

jillian quint

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