Summer House Ready? 3 Ways to Freshen Up Your Warm-Weather Spaces

We’re almost there, folks. Summer is just around the corner and that means we’re in full prep mode getting ready for the best season ever (we’re bias, we know). Being in the summer swing means swapping our current go-tos for everything from beauty to food to fashion. And while we’re busy with all that, we can’t forget one of the most important parts: our living space. Ahead, three simple ways to freshen up your home for the summer season.

1. Give Your Walls a Once Over

Patio room looking a little…drab? Sometimes a new coat of paint is all you need—whether that’s refreshing the original or finally opting for that bold shade you’ve been mulling over. No matter what you choose, one thing’s for sure: whenever any space is in need of a pick-me-up, reach for a can of Benjamin Moore Regal Select interior paint. Available in 3,500+ unmatchable colors (we love Veranda View 541, for the record), this paint not only looks pretty, but it’s also extremely durable. Because of its stain-release technology, summer scuffs and marks can be easily removed with soap and water without losing color or sheen. Plus, it provides a mildew-resistant finish so the coating will stand strong against summer humidity. Need some inspo? Check out the Casual Coastal color palette for those beachy vibes or go with Tropical Paint to add a bright flair.

wooden woven blinds home trend
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2. Maximize Lighting

We’ll do anything we can to take advantage of the long summer days. One way to do that is to swap out drab curtains with sleek, airy ones that allow light to filter in. A popular home trend for 2023 is woven wooden blinds, which also plays nicely with another trend for this year: using sustainable materials. Go for the natural look of bamboo, grass or woven woods to add an earthy and elegant touch to any room.

hammock nook backyard
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3. Consider a Hammock Nook

It should come as no surprise that summer means you’ll be spending more time outdoors, so it’s only proper to create a spot in your backyard where you can completely zone out. But don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting you install an in-ground pool tomorrow. We’re talking a hammock nook. Whether you have a side yard, a sprawling lawn or an apartment patio (heck, even a balcony could work), find a semi-secluded spot to string up a hammock so you can kick back after a long day. For a final touch, add some twinkle lights (and don’t tell the kids where you went).


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