PureWow Editors Share Their Favorite Tricks to Elevate the Daily Routine

Is it just us, or have these weeks indoors already started to feel like Groundhog Day? Wake up, make coffee, sit down to our work-from-home situation and do it all over again tomorrow. With so much time spent at home, it takes intentional choices to cut through the monotony and give yourself something to look forward to each day. Here are five ideas for how to elevate your everyday routine, straight from PureWow editors.

hang eucalyptus in the shower

1. Hang Eucalyptus In The Shower

“I visited my friend in Paris a few years ago and she had dried eucalyptus leaves hanging over her shower head. It made the whole teeny-tiny bathroom feel like a fancy Parisian spa. I’ve started doing the same in my closet-sized NYC bathroom, and it honestly makes a difference. Plus, it looks super pretty and even makes the rest of my apartment smell amazing,” says commerce editor, Brianna L. Another editor-approved tip? Sticking your bath towels in the dryer for 20 minutes to warm them up before your shower.

glass carafe
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2. Remember: Everything Tastes Better In Glass

When taste counts, glass wins. Odorless and flavorless, glass preserves the taste of your favorite foods and beverages, and it can also ignite the senses by creating an experience. PureWow editorial director, Angela P., suggests buying glass bottles of sparkling water to keep near your desk. “Sipping or pouring from a glass bottle automatically makes me feel more put together. It’s almost like a mini escape during the workday,” she says. Then once 5 p.m. hits, open a bottle of red, pour it into a glass decanter and try to tell us you don’t immediately feel fancier.

3. Upgrade To An Electric Tea Kettle

“I’ve had my eye on this chic-looking electric kettle from Fellow for awhile now. It looks like one they used at a café I visited a lot in Stockholm and I feel like it would make tea time or hot cocoa feel all the more special,” says fashion editor, Abby H.

4. Invest In Quality Pajamas

Abby also adds that she’s a big fan of wearing nice pajama sets, like this one from Lunya, rather than any old sweatpants and T-shirt combo. “It makes bedtime feel like a treat,” she says.

5. Get Yourself A Breakfast Tray

Last but certainly not least, for those days when your partner takes the kids or you just happen to have the luxury of a lazy weekend morning, we love the idea of a breakfast tray. It’ll make you feel like you’re on vacation. Oh, and a hot tip (literally) from our food editor, Katherine G.: “Warm your plate or bowl in the microwave before putting food on it—it feels like being at a restaurant when the server says, ‘Careful, the plate is hot!’”

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