Clunky radiators, television black holes: Even the most gorgeously designed homes contain a few necessary evil eyesores. We tapped our friend Jessica McCarthy, Decorist designer extraordinaire, for the absolute chicest ways to hide eyesores in your home. Here are 5 styling tips to try now.

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In lieu of pricy reupholstering or slipcovers (which will totally change the shape and aesthetic of your furniture), treat yourself to a gorgeous sheepskin or throw blanket to layer over the problem area/s. (What Pinot Noir spill?)


Errant cracks or discoloration making your walls look less than stellar? We say, use this as an opportunity for a design dare—by testing out some low-commitment, removable wallpaper. This both completely covers the damaged area and creates major wow factor.


Unless you’re of the fortunate, central AC-endowed few, these guys are a must if you live in a hot climate. But thankfully, they can be camouflaged with a clever window treatment. To that end, two semi-sheer, layered curtains in the same hue as your appliance will filter plenty of light through, while elegantly disguising the offending eyesore.

4. TVS

While there’s always the option of tucking your TV away behind a cupboard, we love the idea of adding a gallery wall around it as a more streamlined alternative. Cluster some favorite artwork, hanging plants or even that straw hat collection you have no room for in your closet. This trick draws the eye away from the television, giving it less presence in the room.


Radiators: Not so pretty and kind of a space-suck. One particularly chic fix? Finding a similarly-sized console table to place over it. This will camouflage the radiator, provide surface area for decorating, and generally make a much better use of the footprint.

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