25 Holiday Wreaths for Last-Minute Decorators to Spread Cheer in a Hurry

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You put it off and put it off, and now, some how, some way, Christmas is less than two weeks away—and your decorations are sorely lacking. If you're looking to add a seasonal touch to your home in a hurry, then it's time to pick up some of the most traditional, beloved decorations around: holiday wreaths. If you're having visions of the homey but less-than-chic pieces that your dear old gran used to hang, think again: This décor has come a long way. Today's wreaths come in a wide range of styles and shapes that will lend a festive touch to even the most modern of homes. Whether you're looking for a super sophisticated arrangement or one that gives you serious nostalgia, we've pulled up the sleeves of our oh-so-fabulous ugly sweaters to find you the best holiday wreaths to make your entryway, wall or mantel merry, taking into consideration their aesthetic, durability and ease of use.

Where Do Holiday Wreaths Come From

This type of ornamental decoration became a festive staple back in the 16th century as a way to repurpose the trimmings that were pruned off the tree. “These people were living in a time when everything in their lives was used until it was gone,” Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas author Ace Collins told TIME in 2018. These days, they're made independently of trees from an assortment of real or artificial leaves, twigs, flowers or fruits, and are typically arranged in a circle, but can also be purchased in other shapes and designs (heart wreaths, anyone?).

How to Hang a Holiday Wreath

While a large nail is an obvious way to hang a holiday wreath, there are a few alternatives that will be less damaging to your front door or walls (you're welcome, landlords).

  • Plastic wreath hanger and metal wreath hanger: These popular and super-convenient hangers fit right over the top of your door by way of a little hook that you can easily hang your new wreath from—just be sure to test the fit to ensure it won't prevent you from properly closing your door.

  • Magnetic wreath hanger: These hangers work by placing one side of the magnet on the inside of your door while the other magnetized side, which has a hook attached, is placed on the outside. This is a great option if you want your hardware to be more discreet and stylish. It will also serve you well if you don't have a big enough gap between the door and your ceiling for a plastic or metal wreath hanger.

  • Suction cup wreath hanger: A perfect option for glass front doors, these hangers are held in place with powerful suction cups that promise not to slip or fall off. They're usually made of clear rubber, which tends to be a more weather-resistant option.

Now that you're ready to decorate your home, check out our list of the 25 best holiday wreaths for your most festive season yet.

The Best Holiday Wreaths at a Glance

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wreath berry
Crate & Barrel

1. Crate & Barrel Live Red Berry Wreath

Best Classic Christmas Wreath

If you're a fan of the traditional wreath, you need look no further than this stunning holiday piece, which combines fake details, like faux red berries, with real pine cones and dried Salal leaves and Oregonia fir, each of which is selected with care, harvested by hand and assembled individually. In fact, each 22-inch wreath is made to order at the family-owned Creekside Farms in Greenland, California. Although this isn't the kind of décor that can be handed down through the generations, it will reportedly last anywhere from six months to an entire year once it's completely dried, according to the company.

wreath whonline

Best Simple Wreath

Minimalists will fall head over heels for this winter wreath. Although it's slightly on the smaller side at 18 inches and doesn't come with many bells or whistles, it makes a big impact thanks to the faux pip berries that encircle an attractive (and adjustable) iron ring. It's starkly striking and can be mounted on either your exterior door or an interior wall.

holiday wreaths weeksun

Most Unique Wreath

When you think about holiday wreaths, pinecones and berries tend come to mind. Indeed, this 20-inch handmade wreath features some beautiful foam white berries as part of its design, but it also uses silk eucalyptus leaves (read: no watering) to fill it out with touches of greenery in light and dark shades and a sweet plaid bow for a bit of added flair.

holiday wreaths pier place
World Market

4. Pier Place Peppermint Ball And Holly Wreath

Best Ornament Wreath

Combining classic holiday elements with a chic contemporary style, this item will look incredible on your door or wall. Spanning 20 inches, its peppermint and solid glittery balls are complete showstoppers that are sure to attract tons of compliments from your neighbors. It's also great for those with allergies, since you can pretty much guarantee there'll be no shedding.

wreath idyllic1

Best Snow Wreath

The snowy effect of this wreath can't be beat for those longing for a white Christmas. Using real twigs for the base and artificial pinecones as well as leafy grapevine sprigs and little succulents, this 22-inch handcrafted arrangement is about as natural-looking as they come. Its primary shades of green with hints of brown will suit most homes, and it works with a mount, so it should be easy to hang from most doors, too.

holiday wreath silver bells

6. Supvox Jingle Bell Wreath

Best Small Wreath

If you don't have the most space to display your holiday spirit, this best-selling mini wreath will be ideal for you. Just 11 inches wide, it's the smallest piece on our list. It's also adorned with silver and blue bells of varying sizes that will jingle every time you welcome guests into your home. You can easily hang it on a wall or above your fireplace with the attached grosgrain ribbon, which perfectly matches its attached silver bow.

holiday wreaths red berries

7. The Holiday Aisle Twig Wreath

Best Red Berry Wreath

Measuring 24 inches across, this twig wreath will add a stunning pop of color to your stoop, thanks to its varying sizes of faux red berries, which look good enough to pluck off and eat, if we do say so ourselves. Sprinkled with a snow-like frosting for a bit of added cheer, this handcrafted mount- or hanger-hung accent is also versatile enough to leave up post-holiday.

wreath depot

Best Seasonal Wreath

This 22-inch wreath is made for winter with its pinecones, faux leaves, fabulous ferns, tiny cream-color berries and sprigs of snow-dusted pine needles. Although it appears to be delicately decorated, customers say it's well-made for covered outdoor use, so long as it's in a spot that's somewhat out of the direct path of rain or snow. It has a built-in hanging loop and you can store it away in its gorgeous white delivery box at the end of the season.

holiday wreaths vgia

Most Stylish Wreath

This wreath brings together wood leaves, pinecones, pine needles, faux berries and glitter in a way that creates a truly eye-popping look and set it apart from the pack. It's on the smaller side (14 inches in the box) so as to fit a hallway or a more compact space, but can be fluffed up to 20 inches.

wreath orange
Crate & Barrel

10. Crate & Barrel Live Orange And Cinnamon Wreath

Best Harvest Wreath

With real orange slices and cinnamon sticks hand-harvested from a family farm in California, this unique find will smell just as good as it will look on your front door. The festive scent will be even dreamier thanks to the pinecones, fresh fir and juniper branches it boasts, and there's also magnolia leaves and curly willow embedded within. According to the company, it can last six months to one year when dried.

holiday wreaths white wreath

Best White Wreath

This wintery masterpiece is so gloriously gorgeous that you might be tempted to keep it inside year-round—which would be easy to do, since its chic white theme won't be out of place in any season. You can adjust the branches and leaves to your liking, and customers say that it's well-made, so it won't be shedding its pine cones and leaves all over the floor. At 26 inches across, it's also on the larger side for those with bigger spaces to fill.

holiday wreaths national tree company

12. National Tree Company Glittery Bristle Pre-lit Wreath

Best Vertical Wreath

If you're so *yawn* over the traditional circle wreath, check out this delightful three-tier number. It features 18-, 22- and 26-inch pine pieces strung up on a strip of 77-inch velvet that will run the length of your door. 100 white twinkle LED-lights, which are connected to an automatic timer shut-off, are also interwoven throughout each of the wreaths for a little added shine. Note that you'll have to buy the required three D batteries à la carte to make it work.

wreath ilex
Crate & Barrel

13. Crate & Barrel Faux White Ilex Berry Wreath

Best Indoor Wreath

This posh imported wreath was crafted by artisans who paint each ilex berry by hand to make them look as real as the natural fruit they were inspired by. You can also adjust the branches to your liking. It's intended for indoors use, meaning it's best to keep this one out of the elements in a spot where it won't be hit with direct sunlight, but thanks to its neutral cream hue, it will look great in just about any room you've got.

holiday wreath ftd

14. Ftd Holiday Snowflake Wreath

Best Unlit Wreath

You won't need any lights to revel in the shape of the season thanks to this little snowflake of evergreen fronds, artificial pinecones and red berries. To keep its 24 inches in holiday-worthy condition, you'll need to keep it out of the sun and spritz it with water daily, but it will be worth it for the tidings of cheer it brings.

holiday wreaths viyagool1

Best Pre-Lit Christmas Wreath

If the typical red, white and green that tends to go along with the holiday wreaths is *so* not your vibe, then this 18-inch pick just might the right piece for you. Its joyful theme is realized with faux berries in alternating hues of red and blue, plus sprigs of natural eucalyptus in a neutral light brown color. A soft glow is also seen throughout courtesy of the 20 LED battery-powered lights.

wreath norway
Crate & Barrel

16. Crate & Barrel Faux Norway Spruce Pre-lit Wreath

Best Heart Wreath

Show the world—or at least your neighbors—how much you love the holidays with this imported 30-inch heart wreath made up of slender and sleek faux Norway spruce with pint-sized pinecones. In addition to its sweet shape, it's pre-strung with 150 little battery-powered LED lights to give off a soft glow at night. Featuring a ring that can be used for hanging, it can work with a door mount, a wall mount or a suction cup hanger, meaning that it will only take you a minute to add this joyful piece to your most merry décor.

best holiday wreath dolly
Williams Sonoma

17. Williams Sonoma Dolly Parton's Holly Dolly Wreath

Best All-Season Christmas Wreath

We love just about everything about Dolly Parton, and that includes this holiday wreath, which was inspired by the country singer's own Christmas tree. Beautifully balancing the colors of its hand-assembled flowers with pink pinecones, air-dried wood fern, boxwood, globe thistle, sweet annie, oat awns, statice, cockscomb and even oregano in shades of maroon and gold, it's exactly the type of out-of-the-box aesthetic we'd expect from the country crooner. Needless to say, this is a piece that you'll adore as much as its namesake.

wreath aisle

18. The Holiday Aisle Lighted Pinecones Wreath

Best Retro Christmas Wreath

With shiny red ornaments, a big red bow, gorgeous faux greenery and practically perfect pinecones, this 30-inch stunner has all the elements we look for in a seasonal piece. Not only will it will bring a festive glow to your home with the little golden lights that are woven throughout and the antique-looking lantern found in the center, it's also got cozy cashmere accents that elevate it beyond the usual festive details. Running on AA batteries, the lights will stay on for six hours before turning off with a timer. It's also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can hang it up wherever you please.

holiday wreath cewor

Most Durable Wreath

Not all wreaths have to be perfectly round. In fact, asymmetry is exactly what makes this option so eye-catching. With one side resembling a natural, thin twine and curving up into a more full display of silk leaves and plaid bowknots, it offers plenty of seasonal flair. Made with long-lasting materials, this wreath is one you can use over and over again (the company claims the plastic branches are even crush-resistant for storage), and it won't stir up any allergies, either.

holiday wreath am

Best Glittery Wreath

Pulling off glitter in your décor can be a particularly challenging feat. After all, there's a risk of overdoing it, with anything and everything inevitably becoming covered in its inescapable sparkle. Done right, however, glitter can add the faintest hint of shine to elevate a look. In case you hadn't guessed by now, this wreath embodies the latter. Featuring faux lambs' ear leaves with pinecone adornments, plus pine needle and red berry accents, it's frosted with a subtly festive glitter that will look classy—not tacky—in your living room. Its artificial materials are said to be durable and also easy to clean, too, so that you can keep it in perfect condition for years to come.

holiday wreath williams
Williams Sonoma

21. Williams Sonoma Woodland Winter Wreath

Best Winter Wreath

Embrace the a Christmas card-worthy look with this dazzling choice for indoors. With special touches, like the fragrant cedar that will make you feel like you're strolling amid a wintery wood, and a lighter color scheme that will have you dreaming of freshly fallen snow, this one-of-a-kind handmade piece will be ideal for the chilly season.

holiday wreath grandin road
Grandin Road

22. Grandin Road Flocked Ava Cordless Wreath

Best Trendy Wreath

When it comes to wreaths, this beautiful 30-inch one skirts around the traditional with its black-and-gold flair. It's perfect for those who want to tell the world how merry and bright they're feeling without sacrificing their personal style. It also lights up with 100 mini bulbs that can be put on a timer, so you won't even have to go outside or up the stairs to turn them on or off.

holiday wreath

Best Statement Wreath

Shabby chic vibes abound from this bow wreath, which manages to make a serious statement using little more than a red velvet and gold mesh bow interwoven through its artificial greenery. It's a nice, medium size at around 20 inches, and shoppers say it's nice and vibrant—it even features UV-resistant materials to keep it that way.

holiday wreath home accents holiday
The Home Depot

24. Home Accents Holiday Germain Mixed Pine Pre-lit Christmas Wreath

Most Realistic Christmas Wreath

This wreath may be artificial, but you'd never know it by glancing at the mixed pine branches with pinecones, ornaments and cedars, which look as real as they come. In addition to its authentic feel, it's 30 inches of merriment are equipped with pre-lit LEDs for a subtle, warm glow, and a timer to keep them from draining the AA batteries.

holiday wreath wondershop

25. Wondershop Gold Berry Glitter Wreath

Best Low-Maintenance Wreath

When you want to glam up your holiday décor, a simple green wreath just won't cut it. Behold instead this chic 22-inch wreath. Boasting seasonal berries in a stunning metallic gold, this baby requires little-to-no work: Simply string it from the hanger of your choice and let it wow your guests with its gleam until you're ready to take it down again.

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