The First Step of the KonMari Method Is Ridiculously Adorable

marie kondo thanking the house konmari

We love all those HGTV home makeover shows. But it’s hard to watch them and not get swept up in the money-spending madness. Because, duh, of course Jack and Jenny should spring for the soapstone countertop. And the claw-foot bathtub. And the farmhouse sink (hey, it’s statistically proven to up the home’s resale value).

But our latest TV obsession takes a different tack, and honestly? It’s delightfully refreshing. In Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, the organizational guru helps homeowners appreciate what they have—no extravagant new purchases necessary. And she starts this humbling process right away.

The first thing Kondo does upon entering a house (after cheerfully declaring, “I love mess!”) is to ask the homeowners to join her in sitting down on the floor or couch. They then close their eyes and take a few moments to silently thank their home for sheltering them and providing them with a place to build their lives. It’s such a simple and sweet exercise yet surprisingly powerful. Many of the participants are visually moved by the experience (viewers, too), and it starts their KonMari journey with a careful sense of appreciation.

This same feeling of gratitude continues throughout the show—even for the stuff that’s getting thrown out, which is actually the crux of her whole mentality—it’s about being happy with what you have, rather than needing an excuse to accumulate more.

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