13 Gag Gift Ideas Your Friends Might Actually Use

Whether it’s a coworker’s birthday or our BFF’s bachelorette, we’re no stranger to giving LOL-worthy gifts. (That USB-powered desk fan? A classic for the always-hot work wife.) But there comes a time when the same ol’ gag gifts feel kind of...wasteful? Downright distasteful? Here, 13 hilarious gifts that they’ll actually use (and secretly cherish).

1. Custom Face Socks

Give a pair of (actually kinda cute) socks that she can wear whenever she misses you...or her beau...or her dog. Just submit a photo of a face with your order and within five days, the custom socks will be on their way to her feet.

2. Pre-poop Toilet Spray

Dating is all fun and games until it comes time to use the bathroom. For your bestie who just revealed a particularly *crappy* first date story, a spray bottle of Air Wick V.I.P. Pre-Poop Toilet Spray is the perfect gift. Three spritzes into the toilet bowl before she goes will trap odor under the water's surface and keep her date’s bathroom smelling fresh. It’ll make her laugh, yes, but she’ll also slip it right into her purse and keep it there.

3. Sloth Mug

She loves sloths. And coffee. But the best part is that this ceramic mug holds almost twice the amount of a normal coffee cup. (Just make sure she hand washes it.)

4. Memory Candle

This candle smells like “freshly trimmed flowers on the kitchen table. Lingering wafts of your favorite perfume. The smell of breakfast sizzling on Sunday…” which translates to bergamot, lavender and sage. And a good reminder for anyone who needs to call their mom.

5. Carry-on Cocktail Kit

The ideal way to start her honeymoon or bachelorette, this mini pocket-size tin comes with enough margarita mix, rimming salt and a coaster for two cocktails. Now all you need is to get on the flight attendant’s good side.

6. Dolly Parton Tray

Because it wouldn’t be karaoke night without your work wife’s rendition of “9 to 5.” This tray features her favorite country queen and is ideal for carrying snacks from kitchen to couch when she settles in to watch “Heartstrings” on Netflix..

7. Bathtub Wine Holder

Don’t deny it: The perfect recipient for this gift immediately came to mind. Do your fellow self-care guru a favor and get her (or him!) this bathtub wine glass holder for their next spa night.

8. Pink Furry Slippers

The maximalist bride doesn’t know what she’s missing… ‘til she lays eyes on these ethically and sustainably sourced hot-pink alpaca fur slippers.

9. Essential Oils Bath Bomb

She’s texting you Bachelor theories at 2 a.m. This is the perfect chance to say what we’re all soothing scented bath bomb-form.

10. Butt Mask

Equal parts hilarious and useful, this rump-shaped sheet mask is plant-based and contains marine algae and collagen to give her cheeks an instant glow and optical sculpt. Basically, it's a spa treatment for one of her best ass-ets. (See what we did there?)

11. Cheeky Cross-stitch Kit

A different kind of cheeky, this sewing kit from Subversive Cross Stitch comes in a variety of sayings. Maybe she's more of a "Other people ruin everything"–type gal, or "Let the good times be gin." Either way, she'll have a hoot knitting on her own little hoop. Bonus: It's the perfect way to keep hands busy during a Netflix binge or long car ride.

12. Funny Cookbook

This humor-filled cookbook is specifically for "Jews who like food and food lovers who like Jews," according to its subtitle (so, pretty much everyone we know). From the owners behind San Francisco's famous deli, Wise Sons, it contains traditional recipes as well as new takes on Jewish classics mixed with a healthy dose of cultural irreverence.

13. Pimple Patches

Who said zits can't be cute, too? These little flower-shaped skin savers hide unsightly acne spots while treating them with Hydrocolloid to help blemishes heal in a safe, protective environment.


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