The One Thing You Need to Clean Right This Minute (According to Feng Shui)

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We do our darnedest to keep the sheets fresh, the dust bunnies vanquished and the fridge free of rotting food. But according to the ancient Chinese discipline of feng shui, there's one item in the home that commands attention above all else: the kitchen stove. 

That's right—if you're looking to keep your home both clean and full of good energy (ahem, that's the ultimate goal of feng shui), then your kitchen stove should be kept supremely spick-and-span.

Why? Well, according to wellness guru Bryce Kennedy, stoves have been regarded as "the money makers" in homes for thousands of years. As the source of food (and warmth), they're believed to bring good fortune to the homeowner and to attract abundance for the family. For this reason, Kennedy was quick to remind us that we should be treating our hearth like our most prized possession. Step one in this road to good juju: Learning to wipe up our marinara splatters tout de suite. 

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